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The Power of AI to Attract an Audience

What has been a marginal browser at best with about 10% of the search engine market, the Microsoft Edge browser’s numbers have grown by an impressive 50 million users each month since Microsoft implemented ChatGPT into the browser’s search results. Microsoft Edge / Bing is now reporting a user-base of 300 million users according to a study by Atlas VPN. Despite such tremendous growth, Microsoft Edge is still dwarfed by industry heavyweights Google Chrome with 3.4 billion active users and Apple’s Safari browser with 1.1 billion users. 

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Microsoft has reportedly invested $13 billion in ChatGPT parent OpenAI who introduced ChatGPT in November 2022. According to Forbes, OpenAI will add between $30 to $40 billion to Microsoft’s top line representing a 10 to 20% increase to the company’s 2022 revenue.  Microsoft will use generative artificial intelligence not only in the Microsoft Edge / Bing search engine, but also in the company’s sales and marketing software, the GitHub coding tools, Microsoft Office / 365 productivity software as well as the Azure cloud division.

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In addition to expanded search results, generative AI in Microsoft word for example can highlight a paragraph and offer an alternative and more cohesive sentence structure while Excel users will be able to use AI to analyze data, determine trends and create charts of the findings.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to the Wall Street Journal that just like when the mouse was first introduced and we had to learn, clicking, Microsoft’s generative AI will take perhaps three years to be fully adopted.

According to Fortune Business Insights, Artificial Intelligence is defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes using various machines by means of creating intelligent software and hardware capable of replicating human behavior such as learning and problem solving,  Fortune Business Insights estimates the overall artificial intelligence market size to be valued at $513 billion in 2023 and will surpass $2 trillion by 2030.