This Is Personal! – (with Agata Mossop)

Watch Agata answer our questions on video!

Agata Mossop has been with the Lenbrook Group of Companies for close to 20 years and is presently the company’s Vice President, Channel Development. Agata is well known in the consumer electronics industry representing brands such as psb, NAD and Bluesound. Agata also holds an MBA from the Roman School of Business, University of Toronto. For our ongoing “This is Personal” series, Agata answers all the questions you’d never ask but this time, on video!!

Favourite….  Ideal….  One Day… Best….  Yes/No?….

Airline: Air Canada – but only when I have status

Airport: Zurich (for the amazing lounge)

Beach or Mountain:  Both but let’s go with beach seeing the weather we have outside

The Beach

Breakfast (Weekday): Avocado toast with a poached egg

Breakfast (Weekend): Avocado toast with a poached egg

Band: Pink Floyd

Car: Lambo and the brighter the colour the better!


City: Paris

Viva Paris

Country: Italy

Roma Italy

Cocktail: Wine

Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld

Date: September 16 2006 – the day my daughter was born

Daydream: All my work is done.  When will it end?

Diet: which one?

Desert: Not a fan

Dinner (Weekday): Salad with chicken

Dinner (Weekend): The same or something ethnic like Indian

Dress: Biz casual but shoes are important

Drive: Stick shift, winding road, top down

Escape: Bed, blanket, Netflix

Excuse: I have a scheduling conflict

Family: Complicated

Hotel: Saint Germain, Paris

Hotel Saint Germain – Paris (photo courtesy of the hotel)

Holiday: Christmas time

Hideaway: The perfect cottage when we finally find it

Indulgence: Wine

Movie: Bond

Movie Star: Meryl Streep

Music: Rock

Nonfiction Book: “Kitchen Confidential” Anthony Bourdain

Perfect Day: Starts by sleeping all night

Pet: No…sorry!

Piece of Advice: Sometimes don’t answer the phone even if its ringing

Restaurant: Too many but usually it’s Italian or Fusion

Italian AND Fusion!!

Saying: Just get It Done

Sports: Winter sports, figure skating, also swimming

Sound System: Bluesound, psb, NAD….. Duh!

NAD and psb

Singer: Adele

Television Series: Sopranos

Theme Song of your Life: “Girls just wanna have fun”

Trade Show: CES for the glitz, Munich for the industry, IFA for the discovery

Time of Day: Happy Hour!

It’s 5-o-clock somewhere

Water: Sparking