This Is Personal! (With Dick Tuerlings)

We ask the questions you wouldn't dare!

In this new series, we get away from behind the desk and ask the men and women who run the Canadian consumer electronics industry to weigh in on the 44 questions that have nothing to do with business but you wish you knew but were afraid to ask!  In this week’s installment we rapid-fire Dick Tuerlings, the Managing Director, Audio Division for Gentec International. Dick has worked with Gentec for just shy of 14 years and is responsible for the Canadian sales and branding for audio heavy weights such as Klipsch, Pioneer, Onkyo and Pro-Ject.

Dick Tuerlings has worked with Gentec International for close to 14 years and is the Managing Director, Audio Division

Favourite….  Ideal….  One Day… Best….  Yes/No?….

Airline:  Air Canada “We are not satisfied until you are not satisfied”

Air Canada over the rockies

Airport:  Munich 

Beach or Mountain:  Beach  Duh..

Breakfast (Weekday): Always before leaving home 

Breakfast (Weekend): In style with the family 

Band: Wow…..too many 

Car: Reliable 

City: Innsbruck 

Innsbruck, Austria

Country: Canada

Cocktail:   Gin and Tonic

Comedian: Russel Peters 

Date: March 24

Daydream: Flying a helicopter 

Diet: Trying 

Desert: Hardly ever, but it would be cheesecake 

Dinner (Weekday): Simple but fresh ingredients 

Dinner (Weekend): French preferably 

Dress: Casual but respectful

Drive: Responsible 

Escape: An evening with the TV to myself 

Excuse: Not very often

Family: Big

Hotel: Clean!

Holiday: Away without email preferably 

Hideaway: In the country 

Indulgence: Good red wines 

Perfection at the Mondavi Winery in Napa California

Movie: Most Quinton Tarantino 

Movie Star: ok….Jennifer Anniston 

Music: As much as possible in quality 

Books: Jack Reacher 

Jack Reacher is the protagonist in a series of crime thriller novels by British author Lee Child and have been adapted into movies starring Tom Cruise.

Perfect Day: Sunny, 22 Degrees and a big hike or mountain bike ride followed by a great dinner with friends 

Pet: Dogs…. Always more than one 

Piece of Advice: Stay humble

Politics: Sorry about those 

Saying: Nothing ever stays the same 

Sports: Not interested 

Sound System: Big and Powerful 

Singer: James Taylor 

James Taylor Photo: Universal Music

Television Series: Top Gear 

Theme Song of your Life: Stay humble and kind 

Trade Show: Munich High End Show 

Time of Day: 7 PM 

Water: Scuba Diving 

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