Me in a Ford Mustang Mach E

Turo Refreshes Site With Limitless Search & More

Turo, the peer-to-peer car sharing service, has updated its site and app to allow customers to run limitless searches, meaning they can browse all Turo’s available vehicles without dates or locations.

“Travel is increasingly expensive, and people crave change,” says Turo CEO Andre Haddad. “The status quo of the last 60-plus years of Big Rental has yielded a common, commodified experience that is devoid of innovation.

“Turo is the new way of thinking about car travel,” adds Haddad. “It’s a way to drive your dream car, or test drive a car before you drop $50k on it or find the perfect car that checks all the boxes for your family vacation.”

Along with limitless search, the new browsing experience includes sharable favourites lists, personalized content leveraging machine learning models, and expertly curated “Collections.” This allows customers to browse without the confines of categories like “midsize,” “compact,” or “standard,” or even specific makes and models, or trim and extras.

Me in a Ford Mustang Mach E

Sharable favourites lists allow shoppers to create and share bespoke lists of Turo’s inventory. For more curated inspiration, “Collections” are being rolled out throughout the summer. Examples of Collections include Sensational Supercars, Electric Elite, Vintage Americana, and Rugged 4X4s.

In addition to these features, Turo is also offering new options for customers. Pay Later offers guests the option to pay $0 at time of booking. Book Instantly removes the need to request and wait for a host to approve a trip.

Turo also introduced additional functionality for Hosting Teams, allowing hosts to invite co-hosts to manage pricing, availability, and trip details. This update provides a more streamlined experience for hosts to collaborate and delegate, while keeping sensitive information private and maintaining Turo’s commitment to safety.

“The cost of car ownership and its outsized effect on the CPI speaks for itself,” Haddad continues. “Our hosts need a reliable platform to build ever more sophisticated businesses and create exceptional experiences for their guests. I’m super excited about this update because our hosts are creative innovators, and when we give them the tools, services, and guidance they need, they deliver. To date, Turo hosts have earned over $4 billion on the platform, and I believe there’s so much more economic value to be unlocked looking ahead.”

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