YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Coming To Canada

YouTube Shorts are now available in Canada, offering a new way for video creators to produce and share short-form video content on the site.

Shorts is currently in its beta version and is evolving alongside the creators and artists that use the platform. YouTube says it plans to introduce more features in the coming months.

Based on creator community feedback, new features to try on YouTube Shorts include the ability to add text to specific points in your video; sample audio from other Shorts to remix into your own creation; automatically add captions to your Short; record up to 60 seconds with the Shorts camera; add clips from your phone’s gallery to add to your recordings made with the Shorts camera; and add basic filters to colour correct your Shorts, with more effects to come in the future.

In addition to these features, YouTube is also introducing the ability to sample audio from billions of videos across YouTube. This could include reacting to your favourite jokes, trying your hand at a creator’s latest recipe, or re-enacting comedic skits. Creators will be in control and will be able to opt out if they don’t want their long form video remixed. YouTube is also working with music partners to expand the library of songs available to use used in Shorts.

YouTube has introduced a row on the YouTube homepage especially for Shorts, launched a new watch experience for easily swiping vertically from one video to the next, and added a Shorts tab on mobile that makes it easier for you to watch Shorts with a single tap. 

The Shorts beta is rolling out to everybody in Canada over the next couple weeks.

According to YouTube, the YouTube Shorts player has surpassed 6.5 billion daily views globally.