A.bsolument Prodige

A.bsolument Debuts Prodige Bluetooth Speaker

Florida-based A.bsolument has introduced the Prodige Bluetooth speaker, which employs a design inspired by the jewelry radios of the ‘60s.

The Prodige has a recycled aluminum case and boasts clean lines. It was also made using organic paint and wood from an eco-managed forest. Labeled as Focal Inside, it can adapt to the listening room using AcousticRoom technology and offers three bass levels.

“Prodige was born from a dream: to bring a modern version of a legendary object to life while preserving its original beauty and spirit,” says Arthur Verne, CEO of A.bsolument. “A slightly nostalgic variation that would trigger so many sensations and emotions. A variation that would stand the test of time without ever losing its prestige. A variation capable of reinventing itself to constantly become a perfected version of itself.

“It was the difficulty of finding old radios in good condition,” he adds, “that first led us on the path of this new adventure. Faced with growing demand, we had to react. Driven by the desire to achieve excellence in terms of the listening quality offered and to become a key player in timeless sound, we set ourselves the challenge of giving life to a unique device ourselves.”

A.bsolument Prodige

The Prodige Bluetooth speaker offers 90W total power: 60W Class D for the woofer and a pair of 15W Class D for the tweeters. The two 15W Focal TAM speakers are complemented by the oversized woofer and ultra-optimized audio processor to complete the architecture.

Featuring Bluetooth 5.2 aptX-HD multipoint, you can play high-resolution files (Hi-Res) and connect multiple devices. To power an external device, such as a network player or a voice assistant, and to charge a smartphone, you can use USB-C. There’s also a 3.5mm jack input to connect a turntable, network player, old iPod, and other compatible devices.

The A.bsolument Prodige is now available in Canada for $1,299.