Airthings Renew
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Airthings Renew is a Smart Air Purifier You Can Mount on the Wall

Launched last week at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Airthings introduced its first smart air purifier, the Renew, as well as the Wave Enhance, a compact, battery-operated indoor air quality monitor, both of which are specifically designed for bedrooms.

The Airthings Renew was designed in Norway, and is, like other air purifiers, designed to help clean the air so you can breathe and sleep better. It’s designed to be ideal for use in a bedroom (though you can use it anywhere in the home) thanks to its quiet operation and ability to blend in. It comes finished in matte gray with a durable, audio-grade woven textile exterior and ergonomic design. Not only can it stand upright or lie flat, it can also be neatly mounted to a wall so it fits naturally into the environment.

Airthings Renew
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It features a four-stage HEPA-13 filter that Airthings says removes 99.97% of particulates along with a high-performance carbon filter that works to remove gasses and odours. It can clean the air in a room up to 525 square-feet in size, reportedly within 10 minutes.

Airthings Renew features three mode options. Silent mode reduces noise output to just 23 decibels, which is about the same volume as a whisper. Auto mode uses the Airthings Renew’s high-precision, laser-based PM2.5 sensor to detect changes in air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly, saving energy in the process. And Boost mode runs the fan at its highest setting for 60 minutes, perfect for when you need to clear the air in your space of pungent cooking smells, paint, smoke, or other powerful odours. You might want to do this if you have someone visiting who is allergic to pets, for example, and want to get rid of as much dander as possible.

Airthings Renew

Sync the Airthings Renew with the Airthings app to view air quality trends, re-order filters, and operate the purifier from anywhere.

Airthings Renew is available pre-order for US$400.

Airthings Renew
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Also launched at CES 2024 was Wave Enhance (US$150; mid-2024), a compact and battery-operated indoor air quality monitor that’s also ideal for bedrooms as well as home offices. It has five indoor air quality sensors and an accurate NDIR sensor to measure carbon dioxide (CO2), which Airthings says is a leading factor impacting sleep quality and cognitive function.

Wave Enhance also includes sensors for airborne chemicals (VOCs), temperature, humidity, and air pressure, as well as ambient noise and light. Compact, silent and battery-operated, it, too, can easily be mounted on a wall or sit upright on a surface using the incorporated flip-out stand.

Airthings Renew

Through integration with the Airthings app, Wave Enhance provides you with a “Sleep Disruptors” report, which tracks several air quality components during sleep hours to help determine if air quality was the reason you were tossing and turning all night, or losing out on quality sleep.

As part of Airthings’ plans to reduce new-use plastics, Renew uses 50% recycled plastic, as well as compostable packaging, while Wave Enhance uses 70% less plastic than previous models and cuts the manufacturing carbon footprint by 87.5%, says the company.