Atlantic Technology TWS1

Atlantic Technology Debuts TWS1 Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds

Atlantic Technology has launched a new pair of headphones, the TWS1 waterproof true wireless active noise cancelling earbuds, its fifth premium model to date.

Available for MSRP US$189, the Atlantic Technology TWS1 earbuds feature advanced Class1 Bluetooth 5.2 wireless technology with an extended range of up to 100 metres. They also support Qualcomm aptX Adaptive technology supporting high-resolution audio up to 24bit/96 kHz. The the low-latency Gaming Mode Instant Switch that cuts lip-sync lag on games and video to one-third of previous Bluetooth technology, says the company.

Running for up to nine hours per charge, 35 hours total with the included charging case, they feature 7mm titanium-coated drivers and work with the free Atlantic Technology TWS App, which is available for iOS and Android. The app offers a suite of programs, including Ai-Tune, a unique test program with an AI algorithm optimizing the earbuds for the user’s personal hearing profile. The app also has a seven-band equalizer to create two favourite custom profiles, and seven pre-programmed EQ presets for different music genres or podcast listening.

Atlantic Technology TWS1

The TWS1’s Active Noise Cancelling and adjustable ambient sound Transparency are customizable to your unique situation. Access variable settings or pre-set modes in the app or via earbud tap gesture, choosing among “Balanced,” “Talk,” “Workout,” “Training,” or “Transparency Boost” modes.

Boasting an IPX67 dustproof/waterproof earbud rating, the TWS1’s come with seven comfort tips and four ear fins for a comfortable and secure fit, even during strenuous workouts. Also incorporated is a programmable Workout Timer that is gesture-activated with voice prompts to end your workout.

When on a call, you can make use of the four integrated MEMS microphones and Bluetooth 5.2’s wider 32 kHz frequency range. The Side Tone Activation feeds your voice back to prevent talking louder than necessary in noisy environments.

Siri and Google Assistant are both supported with a simple tap gesture and voice command. Each earbud features a customizable capacitance touch panel that responds to three different tap gestures each of which can be user modified with 11 different commands in the app.

Multi-Connect Pairing means the TWS1s can simultaneously pair with two different Bluetooth sources for seamless switching. Meanwhile, Automatic Ear Detection connects to the last device paired when the earbuds are inserted in ears. When they are removed, the TWS1 stops music playback, and the Bluetooth connection then goes to sleep to recharge in its case.

The TWS1’s stylish case provides quick, convenient charging using the included USB-A/USB-C cable, or recharge wirelessly with any compatible Qi charging pad. Full recharging takes only 1.5-hours for the earbuds and 1.5-hours for the case. A 15-minute quick charge to the earbuds gives an extra hour of playtime. Colour-changing LEDs on the case and earbuds, plus voice prompts, keep you updated on the status of key functions and battery.

Another convenient feature in the TWS App is the Burn-In Tool. This generates a timed pink noise signal to accelerate breaking in the headphones, a favourite practice of audiophiles for new speakers and headphones.

The Atlantic Technology TWS1 true wireless earbuds come in black with rose gold accents and, as noted, sell for US$189.