BenQ InstaShow VS10

BenQ InstaShow VS10 is For Hybrid Collabs, Huddle Rooms

BenQ has introduced its new InstaShow VS10, the latest model in its Wireless Presentation System (WPS) line-up, which is adapted for hybrid collaboration in huddle rooms. It features plug-and-play screen sharing, fast wireless integration to conferencing platforms, interactive collaboration capabilities, and a router-level chipset for robust security.

“InstaShow VS10 adds new features to ensure secure collaboration while allowing users to set up the meeting room to fit their needs,” explains Bob Wudeck, Senior Director of Business Development at BenQ. “Whether they’re meeting in person or need to integrate with the room’s conferencing system, they can get started in seconds.”

To get started, click the button to cast directly on the meeting room screen without downloading drivers or external internet. It features touchback control, allowing presenters to control content directly from the room’s interactive display, and two-way split screen for two presenters to share content simultaneously on one screen.

BenQ InstaShow VS10

With multi-device compatibility, you can connect and present from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. For hybrid meetings, the InstaShow VS Assist app seamlessly integrates an all-in-one video conferencing device and display within the same secure network, synchronizing video and display for remote participants. Fast Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) means the InstaShow VS10 can smoothly stream 1080p full HD video, such as high-definition slides or streamed content without any lag.

The system passes CVSS 3.0 standards as tested by an ISO27001 and ISO17025 certified security lab. It boasts a self-contained, isolated wireless network fortified with an embedded firewall, guaranteeing secure over-the-air data transmission and averting potential breaches or inadvertent leaks of sensitive information.

Using WPA2-Enterprise, including guest SSIDs, it establishes separate networks for employees and guests. This segregation of access privileges offers robust protection against unauthorized data access and sharing, says BenQ, while ensuring guests can still present at a touch of the button.

Powered by MTK Technologies’ router-level chipset, the InstaShow family creates high-speed secure Wi-Fi zones to handle multiband and fast media traffic with internal isolation of wireless data channels. In addition, it’s fully compatible with HDCP-encrypted content via HDMI, which allows seamless playback of most audiovisual content protected by digital rights management.