Beyerdynamic Space

Beyerdynamic Space is a Stylish, Portable Speakerphone

Beyerdynamic is aiming to make the portable speakerphone more stylish with its new Space, a puck-like device designed for hands-free calls in the home office, conferences, listening to music, and more.

The Space features a high-performance speaker system with clear voice reproduction and a balanced sound image when listening to music of any genre. The flexible speakerphone automatically switches between Voice Mode for intelligible speech reproduction and Music Mode for music playback.

Thanks to True Wireless, two beyerdynamic Space speakerphones can be paired for a spatial stereo presentation.

Beyerdynamic Space

The Space features beyerdynamic’s 360° Smart Mic technology, which ensures maximum speech intelligibility and freedom of movement for professional or private phone calls from home or personal meetings with up to six participants. The microphone system with four MEMS microphones automatically detects whether the signals are voices or noise and suppresses unwanted reverberation, echoes, or interference. In addition, the volume of the voice is adjusted automatically. Full-duplex-audio allows participants to speak and be heard at the same time, without dropouts or cut-off voices.

The beyerdynamic Space can be used as a meeting solution in individual offices, huddle rooms and small meeting rooms, says the company. With the integrated Kensington lock, theft protection is integrated as well. In addition, the speakerphone is equipped with software features adapted to everyday office use. For example, it can be switched to Business Mode, which prevents any unintentional connection with surrounding Bluetooth devices.

With a of matte surfaces and high-quality antibacterial textile fabric, the beyerdynamic Space is designed to blend harmoniously into its surroundings. It comes in three colour variants: Nordic grey, charcoal, and aquamarine with an illuminated LED control panel that provides access to important functions. Compact in design, it can run for up to 20 hours per charge.

Connect the device to laptops, smartphones or tablets via USB or Bluetooth for easy communication across platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. For extended remote compatibility between speakerphone and communication apps, an optional USB Bluetooth adapter will be available. 

The beyerdynamic Space is available for an MSRP of US$179.