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Savant Partners with Wilson Electronics

Smart home technology company Savant has announced a partnership with Wilson Electronics, which makes the weBoost and WilsonPro line of cellular signal boosters.

Savant notes that reliable mobile device coverage is essential for both consumers and integrators working on the go. Wilson’s products work seamlessly with service from all carriers, but also provide a business opportunity to integration professionals.

“Savant’s recommended partner program is dedicated to aligning with best-in-class, scalable solutions in each category,” says George Katsiris, Vice President, Product Evangelist at Savant. “Wilson Electronics is a market leader for professionally installed cell booster and repeater technologies, and our dealers are finding these solutions to be critical for projects plagued with poor cell phone reception, projected to be a growing problem with the advent of 5G adoption.”

“Wilson is excited to be partnering with Savant,” adds Dave Donald, CI National Account Manager at Wilson Electronics. “Our dominant position in cellular amplification dovetails seamlessly with Savant’s leadership role in the home control industry. Both companies exist to enhance the lives of dealers and their customers across the country. This partnership will only expand those efforts.”

When customers experience dropped calls and/or slow data when using mobile devices, it’s often caused by obstructions or distance from the nearest cell tower. In spots like Ontario, this can often occur in “cottage country.” Wilson Electronics’ signal boosting solutions capture a weak signal and amplify it up to 32 times for significantly improved performance, says the company. Wilson offers signal boosters for home, office, and mobile, including boats and RVs, that can fit any project and are easy to deploy.

The WilsonPro enterprise-grade cellular signal amplifiers provide reliable, flexible solutions for large residential or commercial projects experiencing poor cell and data reception. WilsonPro’s high-performance cellular signal amplifiers algorithmically adjust themselves to reach the FCC ceiling on cellular signal amplification, ensuring best performance and fewer service calls. Available cloud remote monitoring and management provides historical performance data as well as configurable e-mail and text message system performance notifications.

Visit the Savant Store to learn more about the selection of Wilson Electronics cellular booster solutions available from Savant.