Beyerdynamic Debuts 3rd-Gen Tesla T1, T5 Headphones

Beyerdynamic has revealed the third generation of its Tesla T1 and T5 hifi headphones, which offer significant upgrades.

The T1 headphones employ an open design and offer a three-dimensional sound experience via Tesla sound transducers that offers spatial sound with a “gentle bass boost” that provides a “warmer sound experience.” With a closed high-end design, the T5s has transducers arranged in a classical tilt.

Both headphones are powered by transducers based on beyerdynamic’s Tesla technology. Developed and manufactured at the beyerdynamic headquarter in Heilbronn, the Tesla transducers deliver high sound reproduction even if the source is a less than perfect music player, says the company. Both models are Hi-Res Audio certified to guarantee high-resolution sound playback. 

The T1 and T5 both have yokes of anodized, brushed aluminum; their headbands are covered with Alcantara that provides an elegant look and feel. The T1’s housing cover has a perforated pattern that was machined in the lacquered stainless steel using a complex production process. The T5 is based on the design of its sister headphone. As a closed model, its housing cover includes brushed and lacquered aluminum.

Both models have earpads that ensure that the sound is balanced and make them comfortable to wear. This is achieved thanks to a memory foam filling of their earpads, which adapt to the head’s shape through heat and pressure. Breathable soft velour covers for the T1’s earpads, making them fit snugly around the ears. The earpads of the T5 are made from synthetic leather, which helps to shield from external noises.

The T1 and T5 have textile-covered cables that are plugged in at both ends. The cover makes the cables more flexible and a pleasure to handle. Because they have removable cables, they can be easily replaced. The textile sheathing also protects the high-purity OCC7N copper conductors, which ensure the best possible signal transmission. Both headphones can be enjoyed at home with mobile devices due to their 32 Ohm impedance.

The beyerdynamic T1 and T5 headphones are available for recommended retail prices of US$999 ea.