Samsung Announces S23 Phones, Book3 Laptops

The information below is based on Samsung’s press release. As you read this today, reviewers including myself, will be receiving S23 Ultras to test out for the next couple of weeks.  Check for my first-person impressions to see if the new S23 Ultra walks the walk here in WiFiHiFi.

Today Samsung announced its 2023 flagship smartphones and Windows laptops in an accelerated eco-conscious design drive delivering, not just promising, notable performance but meaningful impact for people and the planet. It started with a special introduction video produced by Ridley Scott filmed with the new S23 Ultra.

While the three new Galaxy S23 series smartphones features are welcome improvements based on last year’s S22 picture and video technology, the added new features and refinements promise to meet challenging photography and videography head-on. The new Galaxy Book3 series lineup, meanwhile, offers an impressive line of affordable Windows laptops to a top-of-the-line Ultra PC contender.

Unrivalled 200 megapixel Camera Phone for ultra detailed day photos, clear night scenes and smooth 8K video

The S23 Series

The S23 Ultra, S23+, and S23 models boast subtle new looks with fine-tuned designs. The Galaxy 6.6-inch S23+ and 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 maintain a flat display while the 6.8-inch S23 Ultra features a curved screen long edge creating a larger flat surface area compared to the S22 Ultra. The series is also protected by Samsung’s Knox security with security and privacy dashboards.

Eco Friendly Components

The  S23 series has 12 components built from recycled material, twice as many last year’s  S22 Ultra alone:

  • Long-lasting Corning Gorilla Glass Victus contains 22%  from pre-consumer recycled glass front screen and back cover
  • SIM tray, side key and volume keys from pre-consumer recycled aluminum.
  • Top speaker module (upper and lower), side tray and volume keys from recycled water barrels.
  • S Pen inner cover, bottom speaker modules (upper, lower) and 5G antenna deco from recycled discarded fishing nets preventing 15 tones from polluting the world’s ocean by the end of 2023.
  • Back glass, (deco film) and case front from recycled PBT sourced from discarded PET bottles.
  • Packaging box mode with 100% recycled paper.

S23 Series Camera Common Features

Galaxy S23 series newest Snapdragon Gen 2 processor
  • All three models have the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile CPU, GPU and NPU for the ultimate gaming experience with a faster action response.
  • Larger battery:  S23 Ultra 5,000mAh, S23+ 4,700mAh and S23 3900mAh.
  • Vision Booster for better onscreen images when needed for enhanced eye comfort.
Redesigned heat management on the S23 series
  • Comes with the new Samsung One UI 5.1 user interface for creating your own customized modes settings for different parts of your life, like sleep, exercise, driving, work and recreation. You can respond to incoming calls with a text and even co-edit Samsung Notes with others.
FThe Galaxy S23 seriesrom left, the Galaxy S23, S23 Ultra and S23 Plus
  • AI powered Night Portraits jump out with realistic bokeh effects by analyzing the distance of objects separating subject from backgrounds accounting for hair, eyes and skin.
New Snapdragon Processor improvements
  • Samsung’s downloadable Expert Raw app takes over the camera controls for high resolution 50MP photos stored with uncompressed data compared to the traditional 12 MP JPEG photos allowing users to appreciate more photo detail and colour range. Especially in astrophotography. Expert Raw S23 series photos feature Adobe Raw-like pre and post processing. A star constellation is included. It also lets you combine multiple frames into one picture.
  • The S23 and s23+ now shoot 12MP selfies up from last year’s S22 10MP size, along with the S23 Ultra capturing 60fps videos now with Super HDR for more dynamic colour range. All models will also capture 360 degree life-like and vivid 360 sound with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Soon, any Galaxy phones with One UI 5.0 including the Galaxy Z Flip4 and Fold 4 will use this recording feature.
Improved video smoothness with 2x wider optical image stabilization
  • Improved video stabilization using adaptive VDIS which recognizes, analyzes and subdivides movements and lighting conditions.
  • Enhanced noise reduction AL-driven technology with the Samsung’s latest processor that detects noise in low light scenes to create crisp night videos.
Astro Hyperlapse on the S23 series captures star streaks and trails
  • The new Astro Hyperlapse setting lets you take striking video clips of star movements or trails by selecting the 300X setting in Hyperlapse mode on a tripod.  
  • It includes four years of system upgrades and 5 security upgrades.
  • Only users can turn their S23 series phones to maintenance mode for secure service keeping personal files out of view and then turing it off tyo normal mode.

The S23 Ultra on Steroids

New new Adaptive Pixel technology combines 16 sensor pixels in one larger one reducing the 200 MP camera photo a 12 MP clear and bright coloured photo
  • By day, Samsung’s S23 Ultra first-ever 200MP camera sensor (compared to last years 108MP S22 Ultra camera) captures similar quality to that of professional digital cameras for large poster or canvas enlargements. In dim light, the same sensor captures pro-grade night photos using Samsung’s new adaptive Tetra Squaring technology that combines 16 pixels into one larger pixel in the same sensor for brighter, clearer and less noisy and more detailed 12MP night photo. Currently no other camera phone competitor can come close. By design the new super sensor captures and processes the picture faster and has a wider exposure latitude – meaning less washed out overexposed photos.
16 pixels merge into one larger one, top, for better night photograpy on the S23 Ultra
  • Enhanced auto focus with Super Quad Pixel technology uses each of the cameras 200 million pixels to quikly bring images to focus. It allows the camera to focus faster and more accurately because it has more points of reference.
200 megapixel S23 Ultra camera shoots high daylight resolution and clear night photography
  • The S23 Ultra doubles the OIS (optical image stabilization) angle compared to the S22 series for more realistic action videos adjusting to object lighting and movement.
  • The same sensor can shoot 8K 30fps videos and at a wider angle from 57 to 80 degrees with a bigger pixel size for a richer cinematic feel.
S23 Ultra with included S Pen
  • As expected, the included S Pen which neatly fits in the phone body is expected to support dozens of functions apart from scribbling acurately on the screen with improved latancy. Air gestures snd commands to the phone, even firing the camera shutter from a distance and more.
Nightography with the S23 Ultra

Galaxy Book PCs

Several light Galaxy Book3 laptop models were announced too. They use escalating Intel processor performance, memory and screen size for a wide range of affordability.

  • The 2023 Galaxy Book3 Series comes in 16/14 -inch classic clamshell screens for the thinnest and lightest in the series at 1.17/1.56 kg.
  • The 2023 Galaxy Book3 Pro also comes in 16/14-inch clamshell models as well as the Galaxy Book3 Pro 3  16-inch screen weighing 1.71 kg.
  • The above come with intergrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics.
  • Samsung’s first Galaxy top-of-the-line Book3 Ultra features a 16-inch high resolution screen and is armed with the latest 13th Gen Intel core processor, on the Intel’s top evo mobile platform and dedicated Nvidia RTX4070/RTX4050 graphics. .The CPU has 50% faster multi thread and 15% faster single thread performance over last years 12th Gen GB2 Pro series, weighing in at 1.79 kg.

Series Features

Dynamic AMOLED 2X with 500nit peak brightness and more than 1M:1 contrast ration and 0.0005nit tru black on the Galaxy Book3 3K (2880x 1800) 120 Hz is a notable upgrade on Samsung laptops year over year. Samsung’s portable universal charger works on all devices in the Galaxy ecosystem. No dongle required since all USB, SD, Thunderbolt 4 and Mic are built-in.  

Immersive Video Call Experience

The Video calling experience is enhanced by a 1080p FHD CAM, Studio quality Dual Mic with ANC and woofer max 5W x 2 and Tweeter max 2W x 2. 


Samsung device connectivity with Book3 laptopsGalaxy devices partnership

They feature built-in easy integration with other Samsung devices like phones and tablets easily recognizing each other in addition to hotspot sharing for easily dropping files between them or assigning a second screen with the tab series or mouse and keyboard sharing.  Galaxy Book Smart Switch makes transferring data from old PC’s to Samsung Galaxy Books a breeze.

Expert Raw Auto Share

Expert Raw Auto share directly syncs  RAW photos taken with the Galaxy 23 series via fast WiFi Direct for further professional editing on your laptop. A free two-month Adobe Lightroom trial is included. 

Pricing and Availability

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy S23 Series are available for pre-order starting February 1, 2023 and for purchase starting February 17, 2023 in Phantom Black, Cream, Green and Lavender at, Samsung Experience Stores and at major carrier and retail partner locations across Canada. 

In addition to the colours above, Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ are also available in Lime and Graphite, and Galaxy S23 Ultra is available in Lime, Graphite, Red and Sky Blue, exclusively from Samsung.

Prices reflect outright direct purchase from Samsung.  Carriers and partners prices will vary with data plans and promotions.

Galaxy S23

  • 128GB model: Available for $1,100
  • 256GB model: Available for $1,180

 Galaxy S23+:

  • 256GB model: Available for $1,400
  • 512GB model: Available for $1,560

 Galaxy S23 Ultra:

  • 256GB model: Available for $1,650
  • 512GB model: Available for $1,890
  • A 1TB model of Galaxy S23 Ultra is also available exclusively from Samsung for $2,210

Galaxy Book3 Series

Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 (16-inch):

  • 16GB  | 1TB Model: Available for $2,499
  • 16GB  | 512GB Model: Available for $2,199

Galaxy Book3 360 (13-inch):

  • 16GB  | 512GB Model: Available for $1,899 (Samsung’s regular price)
  • 8 GB  | 256G Model: Available for $1,499 (Samsung’s regular price)

 Galaxy Book3 Ultra (16-inch):

  • 16GB  | 1TB Model: Available for $3,269 (our regular price)
  • 16GB  | 512GB Model: Available for $2,999 (our regular price)