Black+Decker Bev

CES 2023: Drinks On the Go with the Black+Decker Cordless Bev

The Black+Decker Bev is not a new machine, but the company launched a cordless version at CES 2023 that is designed to use on the go.

For situations like camping, RVing, tailgating, or even backyard parties, the Black+Decker bev works much like a Keurig or other single-cup drink makers. Pop in a flavour capsule (it works with Bartesian ones), close the lid, select your desired spirit from the ones you have loaded into each of the bottles, press the button, and the drink will mix and flow into your glass. A puff of air and water will run through the machine after each drink to keep it clean.

Here’s a look at how it works.

Not only can you choose from the 40+ cocktail options along with any spirit if your choice, you can also customize the strength of the drink. There are also mocktail option. For parties, activate the “party mode” setting to display an LED light show to illuminate the bottles containing your favourite spirits.

Black+Decker Bev

This machine isn’t cheap at US$400. But to be able to use it on the go, without being tethered to wires, and kick your tailgate or camping parties up a notch from the usual beer and boxed wine, it’s a cool option. The machine is also great for self-serving in home bars, with the cordless nature being an added benefit so you can easily move it around.