Aetrex demonstrated its Albert 2 Pro scanner at CES 2023, a machine that provides a 360° scan of your feet to help find the right orthotics.

A tech category that was quietly a theme at CES 2023 was accessibility tech, catering those with vision, hearing, and mobility limitations.

One of the most talked about new laptops at CES 2023, if not the most talked about, was the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i dual-screen OLED device.

The Nova H1 Audio Earrings are worn like traditional clip-on earrings while providing audio without blocking your ear canals.

With the cordless version of the Black+Decker Bev, you can take spirits and drink mix capsules on the go to use anywhere.

There are always hidden gems you can find throughout the show floor at CES, and this year, that was no exception.

The Displace TV from the new start-up could be the most talked about TV at CES 2023 thanks to battery power and a wire-free mounting system.

Zens is launching various new MagSafe charging-compatible products at CES 2023 for charging iPhones, Apple Watches, and more.

Kensington is showing new computer peripherals at CES 2023, ranging from docking stations to its first mechanical keyboard.