Displace TV

The Displace TV is the Most Talked About Display at CES 2023: Video Demo

It’s always exciting to see the stunningly gorgeous new big screen TVs at CES each year, then marvel at their beauty once they arrive on store shelves. There’s always new technology, new features that mark a step-up from the previous generation in terms of picture quality, user interface, and design. At CES 2023 in January, we can expect to see lots of new innovation in this space. But a product from a new start-up called Displace caught our eye before the show as having the potential to be a game-changer. Indeed, it’s one of the most talked about innovations at CES 2023.

What is the Displace TV? Hailing from a San Diego start-up, the Displace TV is being dubbed the “world’s first” truly wireless TV. The 55-inch 4K OLED TV is powered by a proprietary hot-swappable battery system so it can be easily moved around and mounted just about anywhere. Because of this, it doesn’t require any wires with the exception of the base unit that plugs into an electrical outlet, which can be placed in a closet or elsewhere in the home. Swap out the rechargeable batteries and the TV can keep going, with each battery lasting for about a month based on an average of six hours of active time per day. While one battery is being used, charge the spare.

Displace TV

Weighing under 20 lbs. (though keep in mind that it is also 1.2 inches thick), the TV can be secured to any surface without any mounting equipment required. Simply use the company’s proprietary active-loop vacuum technology to mount the TV to a wall with a slight push and Displace says it will “magically stick to the wall.” Interestingly, you can also mount and connect multiple Displace displays to create an up to 220-inch display.

The TV is controlled by hand gestures versus a remote as well as touch, voice, and facial recognition. Push with your palm to play, pinch to zoom in or out, or reach out and grab what’s on the TV and “throw” it onto another Displace TV in the home. Content will then move from one Displace TV to another when you physically move between rooms via proprietary computer vision technology. There’s also a button on the top of the TV that can disable this feature for privacy reasons. 

Displace TV

Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO of Displace, believes this design helps to “re-architect television by eliminating all common frustrations and making it extremely easy to secure televisions on any surface inside homes.”

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Displace TV. Along with seeing how it actually looks up close, we learned more about the TV, which you can see in the video below.

With Displace offering reservations for the TV on the Displace website starting January 5, 2023, along with a fully refundable deposit, it’s clear the company is confident in its product. Ideal for retail and other commercial settings, like restaurants, the Displace TV will come in one, two, or four TV packages with a single battery charging unit and Wi-Fi 6e base unit with AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU. One TV and the base unit is US$3,000,

The Displace TV is scheduled to begin shipping in the U.S. by late 2023. For those who are attending the show, Displace is exhibiting in Central Hall, Booth #19171. It’s worth a look!