CES 2023: How Technology is Addressing the World’s Biggest Challenges is the Theme

CES, officially opens today in Las Vegas and the show footprint will be over 70 percent larger than CES 2022 and for many this year’s event will be a return to an in-person CES experience after two years of Covid derailment. The old joke goes that CES is so big that you see so much that after four days you feel like you have seen nothing.  For the first time, CES is simplifying the key takeaway of the show by promoting the show with a theme: “how technology is addressing the world’s biggest challenges”. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), in partnership with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security, will support the global campaign Human Security for All (HS4A) and show how technology is tackling global challenges such as climate change, security, sustainability and disinformation.

“CES is the world’s most exciting technology event, from startups in Eureka Park to global brands on the main stages. We are thrilled to spotlight thousands of innovative companies at this year’s show,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Tech advances are helping to solve the world’s greatest challenges, and CES 2023 will set the agenda for the year ahead.” 

CES legacy global brands like Canon, Google, Hisense, Intel, LG Electronics, Nikon, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL and Sony are all on the show floor in addition to new and expanded areas, including: 

Samsung Philips Hue

Automotive and Mobility – The automotive sector at CES is so large that collectively CES is now one of the largest auto shows in the world with nearly 300 exhibitors in West Hall. Global launches and keynotes from BMW and Stellantis lead into exhibits featuring the latest in self-driving tech, electric vehicles and personal mobility devices for land, air and sea.  Stellantis, the owners of brands such as Jeep and Ram Trucks has announced the company will be getting into the aircraft manufacturing business with a partnership with Archer Aviation to produce electric flying taxis.

Digital Health – The past few years have shown that consumers want to take their health into their own hands. CES 2023 is showing how rapidly this market is growing and will highlight advancements in digital therapeutics, mental wellness, women’s health tech and telemedicine. CTA’s Digital Health Studio, presented by The American College of Emergency Physicians, will feature the latest in technology for diagnostic and treatment functions and highlight the importance of remote connectivity for accessible healthcare. The day of your doctor seeing you remotely with real time diagnostic tools will fundamentally change our relationship with health care.

Sustainability – Global brands like John Deere, LG, Samsung and Siemens are showing how innovation can conserve energy and increase power generation, create more sustainable agricultural systems, power smart cities, support access to clean water.  By the time CES opens their doors this morning, the global population will have exceeded 8 billion.  How a global population that has almost tripled in the past 60 years access water, food, grows crops, combats drought and flooding will be met by advances in technology and smart farming.

Steve Koenig, CTA

Web3 and Metaverse – For the first time, CES 2023 will have a dedicated Metaverse area on the show floor. CES has a history of showcasing technology that is in the early stages of development and for many the Metaverse represents the future of of the internet. Exhibitors will showcase ground-breaking sensory technology building immersive, interactive digital worlds. A Web3 Studio, located in the LVCC, Central Hall and produced by CoinDesk, will be the focal point of the Web3, Metaverse and Blockchain area at CES. CoinDesk will host industry leaders and visionaries as they discuss the most impactful developments that have taken root across industries, technologies and capabilities. The show will also feature Web3 programming by the Blockchain Association

Human Security for All – With unprecedented global challenges, the HS4A campaign serves to cultivate collaboration and innovation across all industries, all countries, to improve the human experience. CTA is proud to be part of this first-of-its-kind partnership with the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security. 

Over the next three days, wifi hifi will report on the biggest stories happening at CES.