Bluesound Hub

Bluesound HUB Network Accessory Can Connect to Various Analog & Digital Audio Sources

Bluesound’s new HUB network accessory is designed to connect to a variety of analog and digital audio sources for multi-room streaming, including turntables.

Add the Bluesound HUB to any non-BlueOS-enabled audio source to transmit music to one or multiple Bluesound players around the home. This turns audio sources like a turntable or CD player into a network-connected source, and a new source from which the Bluesound system can play music. This means it is now possible to stream vinyl wirelessly as well. HUB’s built-in audiophile-grade MM phono stage preamp brings audio from a turntable to any Bluesound player for whole-home turntable streaming. The HUB acts like a networked low noise, wide-bandwidth phono pre-amp.

Bluesound Hub

The Bluesound HUB has a host of inputs on its back panel, including HDMI eARC, coaxial, digital optical, stereo analog, and a moving magnet Phono stage for supporting a variety of music devices. Each HUB can manage one analog and one digital source simultaneously, and up to four HUBs can be added to a single network.

Equipped with BluOS, adding audio sources is simple using the BluOS Controller app setup wizard. A few taps of the BluOS app can control a multi-room system from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Bluesound Hub

With a 1U rack height and 1/3rd rack width, external USB-C connected power supply, the HUB can easily be placed on shelves, behind TVs, or mounted with four different orientation options using its two keyhole mounting slots.

Finished in black, the Bluesound HUB is expected to arrive in mid-June and will sell in Canada through Lenbrook for $419.