Blustream Expands Dante-Enabled Power Amplifier Line 

Evolution Home Corp has announced that Blustream has expanded their Dante-enabled power amplifier line with the launch of the new NPA70DA, featuring a 2 x 35W digital amplifier (1 x 70W mono) or 70V/100V hi-level constant voltage output and Dante audio integration. The NPA70DA networked audio zone amplifier delivers audio integration within a commercial or residential AV installation. This is the second Dante-enabled amplifier from Blustream, following NPA100DA in May and expanding the company’s portfolio of amplifiers that can connect to both consumer and professional equipment.

“Whether integrators are working in the corporate market or completing a home audio project, distributing audio over a Dante-managed network is often becoming the best fit for design, budget, and performance expectations,” said Martyn Shirley, Blustream General Manager. “The NPA70DA and NPA100DA can be used to overcome a number of challenges presented in remote installations.”

AV systems have traditionally required point-to-point physical connections between devices, resulting in specialized, single-purpose cables that define where audio and video signals can go. Changes are labor-intensive and expensive, and noise and signal degradation are constant companions as distances grow. The result is systems that are difficult to deploy and even more difficult to adapt as demands shift. Dante replaces those connections with a computer network, sending video or hundreds of channels of audio over slender Ethernet cables with perfect digital fidelity. All connections are now managed with software, making routes fast, readable and reliable. Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between any devices no matter where they are located on a site, with no change to the wiring at all.

The Blustream NPA70DA can be powered via PoE++ from a compatible network switch or locally should the switch not support PoE++. The unit also includes the ability to lower the amplifier power output subject to PoE capabilities, support for combined or independent LAN and Dante connections, DSP with a 31 band EQ, audio delay for lip sync correction, and control via front panel, IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, web-GUI or 12V trigger.

Blustream, founded in Melbourne, Australia, and with regional headquarters in Nottingham, U.K., and Shakopee, Minnesota, is recognized for providing advanced HDMI distribution. Blustream develops a wide range of HDBaseT and HDMI solutions for advanced AV integration that deliver both industry-leading performance and exceptional reliability. Bluestream is exclusively distributed in Canada by Evolution Home Corp.