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BodyGuardz Ace Pro MagSafe iPhone Case & Clckr Review: A Perfect Pair For Your Phone

I have a few non-negotiables when it comes to a smartphone case. It has to be easy to put on and take off. It has to offer sufficient protection without adding bulk. And perhaps more uniquely, it needs to have a grip/stand. My iPhone 14 supports MagSafe wireless charging, so a MagSafe compatible case is appreciated, too. There is a way to get both MagSafe wireless charging and the grip/stand feature I desire. One such option is by pairing a case like the BodyGuardz Ace Pro with MagSafe case with the clckr phone stand + grip. Since these two items work together like PB&J, I figured why not review them together?

What is the BodyGuardz Ace Pro and clckr Phone Stand?

BodyGuardz Ace Pro

Let’s start with the case. The BodyGuardz Ace Pro, which sells in Canada for $60 and is distributed by Erikson Multimedia, is a MagSafe-compatible case for the iPhone (different versions are available but I used one for my iPhone 14). It comes in transparent (the model I tried) and Smoke/Black. Even when the phone is protected inside the case, you can still plop it atop a Qi wireless charging surface and gain a charge.

The case employs patented impact technology and is made of shock absorbing material. It meets MIL-STD 810H certification and a 14-foot drop rating. Boasting a textured, non-slip grip, it’s designed to be comfortable and secure in your hand. It’s also PureGuard treated to resist microbial growth.

Those who are concerned about the environment and care for the planet will love that the case is made entirely of renewable resources (bioplastics), while the packaging is made from recycled paper, without any use of plastics.

clckr phone stand + grip
clckr phone stand + grip

The clckr phone stand + grip, meanwhile, is designed specifically to be used with MagSafe cases like this one. It magnetically attaches to a compatible case without the need for adhesives and easily comes off when you need to charge the phone. While it can technically attach right to the back of a phone itself, it’s recommended to be used only with cases. (You should never sport your phone without a protective case!)

clckr stand

When you want to use it as a grip, pull it to open it up until you hear a click. When you want to use it as a stand, fold and press down both sides until they click then prop the phone up in portrait or landscape mode. The clckr is $40, comes in black or lilac, and is also distributed in Canada by Erikson Multimedia.

Reviewing the BodyGuardz Ace Pro and clckr Phone Stand and Grip

As noted, these are two separate products from two different brands. While I reviewed them together, I’ll break down my thoughts about and experience with each both individually and together.  

BodyGuardz Ace Pro

BodyGuardz Ace Pro

I popped off my existing case and put this flexible case on my phone to get started, and it went on like a glove. First box checked off.

The case is slimmer and more flexible than my regular case (Spigen Tough Armor). As someone who tends to drop her phone at least once a month, proper protection is important to me. The Ace Pro is not the most elegant looking case, but it’s suitable for everyday use and offers solid protection.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro
BodyGuardz Ace Pro
BodyGuardz Ace Pro

The port covers don’t impede comfort in accessing the power and volume up and down buttons on the sides of the phone, so I could easily do things like tap the power button to put my phone screen to sleep or press the volume and power together to snap a screenshot. I did find them stiffer than I’m used to, but after awhile, you realize you don’t have to push too hard to trigger the button. I can easily access the charging port as well, even with a rugged braided cable that has a jacket larger than the Apple-branded Lightning cable (the iPhone 14 still uses Lightning, not USB-C).

BodyGuardz Ace Pro on Scosche MagicMount flask

Before magnetizing the clckr to the back of the case, I mounted the phone to the new Scosche MagicMount Flask, which I reviewed last month, and it worked beautifully. These two accessories, in fact, might become my two new favourite daily companions: both my water bottle and my phone follow me around all day.

Overall, the Ace Pro is a simple but solid case that you can use 24/7 if you’re not looking for something that screams stylish and professional but rather sporty and casual.

clckr Phone Stand and Grip

BodyGuardz Ace Pro and clckr

Now, it was time to add the clckr. The first thing I noticed is the packaging: it was easy to remove the device without having to cut through plastic packaging, a refreshing, less frustrating departure from the usual. From there, pop it onto the back of the case, fitting into the circular design, and you’re good to go.

I was worried the magnet wouldn’t hold if I wanted to manipulate it the same way I’m used to with the HANDLstick phone grip and stand I currently use. But the magnet is super strong. I wasn’t worried at all that it would dislodge from the case.

BodyGuardz Case and Clckr

Manipulating this grip isn’t as seamless as with the HANDLstick since that accessory employs a flexible, elastic brace system. It sometimes requires finessing and force to get the two sides to click into place. I had to, at times, do a bit of coaxing with my nails to get one or the other side to fit in place. On the phone, I have to push down on the front of the screen to secure it back in place once I’m not using it as a grip nor a stand or make use of my longer nails to more precisely push each (or one) side in place.

clckr phone stand + grip

I tried clicking the clckr in and out both when attached to the BodyGuardz case as well as on its own and got the same result. With that said, I started to get used to the process and waiting for the audible “click” to confirm it was in place. Just make sure your phone is asleep when you do it so you don’t inadvertently delete or open an app on the other side while you’re clicking it in place.

clckr in hand

One thing I love about the HANDLstick is that I can easily slide my fingers behind it as soon as I pick up the phone since the flexible brace expands and retracts into place, though this means it also permanently sticks out a bit more on the back of the phone. With this one, I need to first flip the phone over, or at least tilt it on its side to find the stand and pop it out to run my fingers through.

Once in position to be used as a grip, you can easily slide your fingers inside and get a more secure hold of the phone while scrolling with the thumb of the same hand. The strap is large and wide enough to accommodate even chubbier fingers while still offering a nice grip if you have skinnier ones.

clckr grip for selfie

It isn’t as simple to hold the phone up to take a horizontal selfie as it is with my elastic brace: you would need to re-orient the position of your hand versus just the phone, in a direction depending on which hand you use. I’m left-handed and take selfies with my right hand, which means I need to slide my fingers in while the phone is 90° counter-clockwise so my finger can reach the shutter (you can alternatively use a feature like back-tap on the phone to snap a photo).

Admittedly, I might be nitpicking because of how often I use a phone grip and stand. I prop my phone up while watching videos, casting morning workouts to my big screen TV, taking post-workout selfies for my workout buddy group, using the phone as a calculator while doing monthly accounting, and watching videos together with my son after school.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro with clckr

I often walk with the phone gripped through my fingers so I can quickly see messages or notifications or check social media without having to secure my hand around the device to do so one-handed. I have become so used to this, in fact, that virtually any time I pick up my phone to scroll or read or write messages, I slip my fingers into the grip at the back. So, it might be a bigger deal for someone like me versus others who use the grip less frequently.

Should You Buy the BodyGuardz Ace Pro and clckr Phone Stand and Grip?

BodyGuardz Ace Pro on iPhone

First, as noted, there’s no knife to your back to buy both these products. However, I’d suggest them as a perfect pairing. At $100 for the pair, you’ll have the freedom to grip your phone, prop it up, and wirelessly charge it with ease.

I’d recommend the BodyGuardz Ace Pro for an active individual, student, or someone looking for a casual, everyday case. This isn’t an elegant, professional-looking case though, as noted, the Smoke/Black presumably has a more stylish versus sporty look to it.

The Ace Pro is durable, doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, and it lets your phone’s colour shine through. If you invested in one of the funkier iPhone colours like PRODUCT(RED) or yellow, you’ll love that you can show it off from beneath the case.

BodyGuardz Ace Pro with clckr

The clckr isn’t the most sophisticated phone stand and grip system I have tried. The younger generation loves Popsockets. I stand by the HANDLstick as my favourite phone grip and kickstand option thanks to its elastic brace system. (The company also offers the HANDL O, which resembles a Popsocket and works with MagSafe phones.) If you don’t use the phone stand/grip as often as I do, however, nor for as many purposes, the clckr system might meet your needs perfectly.

iPhone, BodyGuardz Ace Pro, clckr

The issue I have always had with the standard HANDLstick is that it uses an adhesive, which means it can only attach to standard cases and impedes wireless charging functionality. If you’re willing to forego that, it’s still my top choice. But if wireless charging is a priority for you, go with the clckr phone stand and grip.

Together, the BodyGuardz Ace Pro case and clckr phone stand + grip make for a lovely combination. For $100, you get a slim, durable case that’s easy to put on and take off and that shows off the beauty of your phone, along with a grip for a more secure hold, and a convenient and sturdy stand for watching videos, making video calls, and more.