Hisense booth CES 2024 Puneet Jain

CES 2024: Hisense Reveals its 2024 ULED TV Line

Hisense showcased its line of TVs, home appliances, and more at CES 2024, which took place last week in Las Vegas. The announcements kicked off with the company’s press conference where President David Gold delivered a keynote speech about how Hisense aims to “push the boundaries of display technology.” We certainly saw that in some of the most innovative demos at the company’s booth.

New Hisense TVs for 2024

But first, the TV line has some interesting new options coming in 2024. Hisense showcased new products in its ULED TV line, Laser TVs, and the ConnectLife smart platform, fueled by the VIDAA TV OS. Mini LED technology was also integrated across the entire premium television lineup. Other products included at the booth are Hisense’s new 8K Sonic Screen Laser TV, Ultra Black Screen TV and TriChroma laser technology with the new Dynamic Light Steering Technology.

Hisense booth CES 2024 Puneet Jain

At the heart of Hisense’s display innovations is the ULED TV line-up. For 2024, this includes several new models in the ULED collection along with a pair of ULED X models, including the 98UX that offers an impressive 5,000 nuts of brightness, 10,000 local dimming zones, 144Hz refresh rate, and, as the name implies, a massive 98-inch screen. The picture is complemented by the 4.2.2 channel audio.

Additionally, there’s the U6N, U7N, and U8N series ULED TVs that offers 3,000 nit brightness and come in sizes from 55 inches up to 85 inches. There are thousands of content options available through Google TV including 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, live TV, and more available across 10,000+ apps. There’s also Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, and Filmmaker Mode; along with 144Hz native refresh rates, a new Game Bar feature, low input lag/ALLM, G-Sync compatibility, Dolby Gaming, Freesync Premium Pro, Game Mode Pro, and more. You’ll also find Wi-Fi 6e and NEXTGEN TV (ATSC 3.0).

The Hi-View Engine PRO chipset, featured exclusively in the U7 and U8 Series, is an advanced AI chipset that leverages deep learning and innovative technologies. There’s also Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Face Detection, AI HDR Enhancement, and AI Detail Enhancement.

New to the ULED lineup is the 100 U76N that boasts a massive 100-inch screen and offers ULED technology, QLED-Quantum Dot technology, 4K UHD resolution, 144 Hz refresh rate for fluid motion, Filmmaker Mode, IMAX Enhanced, Wi-Fi 6e, and Google TV.

Hisense’s 2024 ULED and ULED X lineups will be available later this year, with U76N coming retailers later this month.

Hisense booth thin TV

Also at the booth was the 75UX, an ultra-thin Mini LED TV that measures a depth of less than 14mm. To put this in perspective, Hisense notes, that’s thinner that three stacked poker chips (of course, a gambling comparison is fitting for a show in Vegas!) It offers 5,000 dimming zones, an X-Core Sensing Chip, 16-bit Ambient Light Sensing PRO, and 2.2.2 built-in audio.

The 8K Sonic Laser TV, meanwhile, is the first laser TV equipped with 8K technology and a 3.4㎡ sound-emitting area. Sonic Laser TV creates an optimal platform for 8K ultra-high definition by precisely controlling 33 million pixels, achieving lifelike picture quality. Equipped with the world’s largest sound-emitting screen, it provides a massive 3.4㎡ sound-emitting area and features a hundred thousand-level sound-emitting units.

Dynamic Light Steering Technology, powered by Barco Bright technology, offers peak brightness of 2,000 nits and higher contrast. This is not achieved by using a larger light source but rather by modulating the illumination distribution in real time according to the video content. Light is effectively steered away from the shadows and focused into the highlights, reducing dark scenes by 50% and boosting bright scenes by 500%, achieving 10x contrast improvement over traditional laser TVs, says Hisense.

Other Interesting Innovations

One innovation that Hisense showed off in a separate demo room is called Dolby Atmos FlexConnect. With this feature, you can pair wireless speakers with the sound system in the TV, placing them anywhere in the room, to get a more immersive audio experience without having to tweak settings. Once connected, the system intelligently optimizes your Dolby Atmos experience for the room layout and speaker setup.

Hisense booth CES 2024

We also got to experience a demo of the C1 portable projectors with Smart Blending technology whereby two side-by-side blend two images into one seamless picture. It’s built with Smart AutoSync technology, so you can connect any external content and both the video and audio will sync up for a larger display. This might be for a large open space in your home, like a living room or basement, for office use for presentations, or for commercial displays.

Hisense rollable TV

Of course, how can you complete a booth with television technology without one showstopping piece? For Hisense, it was the Rollable Laser TV that has a curved, high-gain screen that achieves a high ambient light rejection rate of 90% and 200% brightness boost. A smart control enables precise one-touch lifting or hiding of the screen, with a clear and bright picture that appears in-sync with the screen’s movement. The modular separation of the main unit and screen allows for flexible assembly and easy relocation. 

See demos of all three of these innovations in the video above.