Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing Phone (2) Integrates a Funky New Glyph Interface

Nothing has announced its latest smartphone, the Nothing Phone (2), a second-generation flagship device that includes a new Glyph interface at the back that offers key information at-a-glance. The intention is to help you minimize screen time.

Featuring the revamped Nothing OS 2.0 and Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 mobile platform, Nothing promises a fast and smooth experience with the phone. This is complemented by the 50MP dual rear camera with advanced algorithms and 6.7-inch OLED display with LTPO.

“With Phone (2), we deliver top-notch features while encouraging more intentional smartphone usage through hardware and software design innovation,” says Carl Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Nothing. “The smartphone is a vital tool in our lives, but it has increasingly become a distracting force, making us less present and less creative.”

Nothing Phone (2)

Described as a refined version of the first-generation Phone (1), Phone (2) boasts a symmetrical design approach and more ergonomic hands-on experience with a 1mm thinner midframe and a pillowed glass back.

The Glyph Interface was designed to encourage users to be more present in their everyday life, by providing essential information without the constant need to look at the screen. Additionally, you can assign personalized light and sound sequences to contacts and apps so you’re better aware of incoming notifications without having to look at the screen as well. The Glyph screen is possible thanks to an increased number of LED segments. It can now serve as a visual countdown and progress tracker for ride or delivery services and includes other features like a volume checker and timer. When receiving a notification from selected contacts or apps, the top-right LED segment will remain on until it has been addressed.Through the new Glyph Composer, you can personalize the experience further by creating your own unique Glyph Ringtones.

With a new monochrome layout and the possibility to remove app labels, Nothing OS 2.0 allows you to be more intentional when navigating the device by removing cues that have been optimized to grab attention. Nothing has reimagined home and lock screen utility with widgets to access key functions without having to open apps. You can customize grid design, widget size, and colour themes, and use new folder layouts and illustrated covers.

Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing has optimized its software, making app opening speed on Phone (2) up to twice as fast as that of Phone (1), while refining over 500 transitions and animations.

Phone (2) offers Nothing’s most premium smartphone camera experience to date, featuring a 32 MP front camera, and a dual rear camera system that has two advanced 50 MP sensors, with a main sensor upgraded to the Sony IMX890.

Equipped with an advanced 18-bit Image Signal Processor (ISP), Phone (2) can process camera data up to 4,000 times more than its predecessor, Phone (1). Capturing three times more data than before, the new Advanced HDR algorithm takes eight frames with varying exposure levels within the RAW domain of the sensor. This enables it to preserve intricate details in each frame, says Nothing, merging them to produce a final image that captures the most true-to-life result.

To further enhance the camera experience, Motion Capture 2.0, an advanced AI-based technology, facilitates real-time identification of moving subjects to ensure precise focus on all crucial details in a frame.

Nothing Phone (2)

Phone (2) offers 4K resolution for videos at 60fps on the main rear camera. Action Mode ensures seamless filming even while on the move. With built-in EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), the front camera also enables self-recording in immersive 1,080p at 60fps. The edge-to-edge 6.7-inch LTPO OLED display has an adaptive refresh rate from 120hz to 1z.

Along with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and 4,700 mAh battery, Phone (2) delivers fast performance and lasting battery life. You can charge fast and wirelessly, reaching 50% power in just under 20 minutes of fast wired charging.

Froma sustainability standpoint, Phone (2) achieves a 5 kg reduction of CO2, thanks to 100% recycled aluminum mid-frame, buttons, and SIM tray tip; 80% of plastic parts made from recycled and bio-based materials; 100% recycled tin used on nine circuit boards; 100% recycled copper foils used for the main board; over 90% recycled steel used for all 28 steel stamping parts; zero waste from the assembling process ends up in landfills; 100% renewable energy used across the final assembly plant and the recycled aluminum production plant; and FSC MIX certified (The Forest Stewardship Council) plastic-free packaging with over 60% recycled fiber.

The Nothing Phone (2) is available in Canada in both white and dark gray, with three variants to choose from: 8GB/128GB ($929), 12GB/256GB ($999), and the 12GB/512GB ($1,099). The phone is available for pre-order now, and will be available on Friday, July 17, 2023.