Kensington backpacks

CES 2024: Kensington Goes Eco-Friendly With Latest Backpacks, Cases, Accessories

Kensington is one of many computer peripheral and accessories brands that is focusing on eco-friendliness with its new line of products. Debuting at CES among other products is a new line of backpacks, cases, and input devices, all of which incorporate recycled materials.

There’s a new 14-inch backpack made from 4.6 250mL ocean-bound plastic bottles and 24% PCR polyester, along with a larger 16-inch model made using 8.4 250mL ocean-bound plastic bottles with the same percentage of PCR polyester.

Kensington backpacks

Both come with padded shoulder straps, coated and breathable mesh fabric, and a trolley strap so they secure neatly to luggage while you’re traveling. The internal padded compartment fits a laptop of the appropriate size along with other accessories, while a front zippered pocket can hold additional essentials, like a passport, smartphone, pens, chargers, and more. Throw a water bottle or umbrella into the side pocket.

Kensington clamshell laptop case

For those who prefer a clamshell design, there’s the 16-inch clamshell laptop case, which is made using 10.4 250mL ocean-bound plastic bottles and includes 25% PCR polyester. Place your laptop, up to 16 inches in size, in the TSA-friendly laptop compartment. It, too, has a trolley strap along with shoulder straps, extra space for files and folders, and a front zippered pocket.

For added protection or to use on their own, Kensington is also offering three laptop sleeves in 12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch sizes. These include 32%, 33%, and 33% PCR polyester, respectively, and are made using 4.4, 4.6, and 4.8 250mL ocean-bound plastic bottles. The sleeves are fully padded and can slide into one of the aforementioned backpacks or cases. There’s also a zippered front pocket.

Each of these bags and sleeves will be available in Q2 2024 and come with a two-year limited warranty.

Kensington Ergo Pro Fit KB675 keyboard

For productivity in the office or at home, there’s the new Kensington Pro Fit Ergo KB675 TKL rechargeable keyboard, which also includes recycled plastic and comes in plastic-free packaging. With an ergonomic sculpted design, it’s designed to help reduce wrist and arm strain, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). This is complemented by the non-detachable wrist pad, which offers added comfort while you work away as well as keyboard legs for ensuring its at the optimal height.

It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS computers while Swift Pair Technology makes it easy to pair with your devices using Bluetooth or 2.4GHz with 128-bit encryption. You can monitor the connection status and things like caps lock and battery life via the LE indicators. Recharge the built-in 500mAh battery via USB-C.

With Kensington Konnect software, you can customize keyboard functions as well.

See some of these Kensington accessories in our video from CES 2024.