Kohler PureWash bidet

CES 2024: Kohler PureWash Bidet Works With Voice Control

Kohler plans to showcase plenty of innovative smart home wellness products at CES 2024, but the one that has everyone talking so far is the PureWash Bidet Seat. Before we delve into what that is, note that Kohler has some less pie-in-the-sky innovations as well, including new smart showering valves, bathroom ventilation, and more.

But first, that toilet. It’s takes the bidet to new, smarter heights with heated seats, adjustable water temperature and pressure, and a contactless opening. But the stand-out feature is voice activation using Alexa or Google Home so you can control the spray, dryer, and UV cleaning with just your voice.

Kohler PureWash bidet

I can’t help but think this is nothing but silliness, but the selling feature here is that it’s hygienic: you don’t need to touch knobs, buttons, or levers, particularly valuable when in public spaces. But I wonder: what are the commands? Do you say “Alexa, clean my rear end with warm water” or “Alexa, dry my derrier?” This is one of those products we can’t wait to see at CES, if for nothing more than to see it to believe it.

That’s not it with toilets: Kohler will also feature an expanded range of smart toilets at this year’s show including new variations of Numi 2.0, Innate, and Veil.

Kohler Anthem Controls

Kohler will have more innovations at the show, too. The Anthem+ Smart Showering Valves and Controls create a home spa experience through an integrated digital control system that allows customized delivery of water, light, sound, and steam. The intuitive touchscreen interface allows you to preset and activate multi-sensory shower experiences. Integration with the Kohler Konnect app provides remote access and control of personalized presets so you can customize it from anywhere. This might be to adjust the settings for an elderly parent, for example, or set up special surprise ambiance for your significant other while you’re away at work or traveling.

Kohler Spa Viva Handshower

This system can work with the SpaViva Handshower and Cleansing, which combines unique spray technology and a built-in cleansing device. The multi-functional handshower pairs Kohler’s heat-retaining Katalyst spray with a new Microbubble spray that features bubbles 100 microns or smaller. Attached to the multifunctional handshower is an all-in-one cleansing device, equipped with a rotating lineup of attachments that recharge through a magnetic dock when not in use. 

Kohler AtmoFan

For bathroom ventilation, the Atmo Fan has advanced smart technology that measures temperature and humidity, automatically turning on when humidity is high. Schedule on/off times and set custom preferences for default fan speed, lighting brightness, and colour temperature, auto mode humidity and temperature thresholds, as well as night light settings. 

Kohler Rista bathroom sink

Complete the high-tech bathroom with the Rista bathroom sink, which blends heritage craft with digital technology. This is through Kohler’s exclusive method of 3D-printing with vitreous China material.

Kohler faucet

The Kohler x SR_A Formation 01 faucet is made in an industrial bold Haptic Orange colour. It’s cast as one singular, sculptural object, and features advanced engineering of a custom water channel through sharp angles. It was developed by Kohler in partnership with Dr. Samuel Ross and his industrial design studio SR_A.