LG Labs Bon Voyage

CES 2024: Check Out the LG Labs Bon Voyage Camper

If you know the term “glamping,” you know that this is a portmanteau of the words
“glamorous” and “camping.” Some people use this word to describe when you camp at a site with bathroom facilities and other amenities.

For some, though, glamping means taking camping to an entirely new high-tech, high-end level. You can accomplish this with the concept Bon Voyage Camper, shown at LG’s booth at CES 2024.

LG Labs Bon Voyage

A follow-up of last year’s Bon Voyage towable tiny home, this version is a full-on camper with a tailgate entry, a bed, full kitchen complete with induction cooktop, TV, and more. There’s tons of clever storage space throughout along with built-in speakers, refrigerator, even a water purifier.

Check it out in this video.