Skyworth PS1 outdoor TV

CES 2024: Skyworth Shows Outdoor & Portable TVs

Skyworth showed a number of new display at its CES 2024 booth last week, including two new outdoor TVs as well as a convenient portable TV.

Clarus S1 4K UHD Full Sun Outdoor Mini-LED TV

Skyworth Clarus S1

Already available now, the Skyworth Clarus S1 4K UHD Full Sun Outdoor Mini-LED TV features Google TV, 3000-nit mini-LED with 1,400+ backlights, Dolby Vision, HDR 10, an ambient light sensor, and more. The TV is IP66-rated for both dust and weather protection, is rated to operate in extreme temperatures, and features an IK10-rated impact-resistant, anti-glare glass panel. It ships with a 100W soundbar that can be mounted underneath to offer an improved audio experience as well.

PS1 Partial Sun Outdoor TV

Skyworth Partial Sun PS1

Also with Google TV and ideal for covered outdoor areas like a porch, veranda, deck, or gazebo, the PS1 partial sun outdoor TV was announced at the show. It, too, comes with a 100W soundbar and offers 4K playback through its 1,200-nit QLED screen. It offers an IP55 rating, which protects it against UV rays, rain, snow, dirt, dust, insects, and humidity.

P100 Portable Display with Google TV

Skyworth portable TV

Remember back in the days when portable DVD players were all the rage? The trend seems to be back, sort of, with a burgeoning category of portable displays that you can take with you. These are much larger than the tablet-sized portable DVD players of yesteryear, but smaller than your average living room display. Skyworth is joining this category, which also includes models like the LG StanByMeGO, with the Companion P100 Portable Display that can run for up to three hours per charge of its battery so you can watch on the go, while camping, in an RV, or anywhere in the home without keeping it plugged in.

It comes with a 24-inch 1,080p FHD display with a matte anti-reflective screen and a beautiful back cover that features blue and yellow ink splattered particles along with a convenient carry handle. Access content through Google TV.

Have a look at each of these three new products in our video from the CES 2024 show floor.