LG Signature OLED T TV

CES 2024: LG’s Showstopper is a Transparent, Wireless OLED TV

LG has plans to showcase many new TVs at its booth at CES 2024 this week, but the showstopping product revealed at its press conference is the LG Signature OLED T wireless transparent OLED TV.

The display combines a transparent OLED screen with LG’s wireless video and audio transmission technology. Powered by LG’s new Alpha 11 AI processor, the TV is 77 inches in size and becomes essentially invisible once it’s turned off, blending into the environment. The transparent look will also be beneficial in smaller spaces, opening up the room and providing a sense that the space is actually larger than it is.

LG Signature OLED T

While you can mount the TV on or against a wall, it can also be placed in the middle of a room like a divider; even by a window without blocking the view to the outside when you aren’t watching TV. It comes with the Zero Connect Box for wireless transmission, which also makes it possible to place the TV in a spot where you might not have an electrical outlet nearby. There are no cables between the Zero Connect Box (which must be plugged in) and the OLED T itself, affording a cleaner installation.

LG Signature T OLED TV

While the LG OLED T turns heads as a transparent display, it can also be used to showcase artwork, videos, and photos leveraging the Always-on-Display (AOD) feature. This makes content displayed on the screen look like it’s floating in air. There’s also a T-Bar feature that displays news alerts, weather updates, or the titles of songs as they play while the rest of the screen remains transparent.

LG Signature OLED T TV

We expect that LG’s Signature OLED T will gather crowds on the CES show floor this year.