LG smart home AI agent cropped

CES 2024: LG’s Smart Home AI Agent is a Robot Companion and Home Manager

LG will showcase AI innovations at CES 2024, including its new smart home AI agent, a miniature robot that can move, learn, comprehend, and engage in complex conversations. Described as a home manager and companion, the LG smart home AI agent is part of LG’s push towards creating a “Zero Labour Home” (wouldn’t that be nice!)

The LG smart home AI agent has a two-legged wheel design so it can navigate the home independently. It can verbally interact with you and even express “emotions” through movements of its articulating leg joints. Multi-modal AI technology, which combines voice and image recognition along with natural language processing, enables the smart home AI agent to understand context and intentions as well as actively communicate with you.

LG smart home AI agent

Functioning as a ‘moving’ smart home hub, this AI agent connects with and controls smart home appliances and household IoT devices. Through LG’s latest collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the AI agent is equipped with the Qualcomm Robotics RB5 Platform, enabling on-device AI features such as face and user recognition.

The AI agent uses its built-in camera, speaker, and various sensors to gather real-time environmental data, including temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. LG’s advanced AI technologies analyze this data, continuously learning and combining it with external information. The AI agent can even act as a pet monitor and security guard, so you can see and care for pets remotely and receive alerts if any unusual activity is detected.

LG smart home AI agent

The value in the smart home AI agent is its versatility and scalability, says LG. For example, it can autonomously patrol the home when no one is there, moving from one room to another and sending notifications to your smartphone if it finds an open window or any lights left on. Additionally, it can help conserve energy by connecting with a smart outlet and turning off unused devices throughout the house.

When you return home, the AI agent greets you at the front door, discerns your emotions by analyzing your voice and facial expressions, and selects music or other content to suit your mood. It also assists in daily lives by functioning much like a traditional smart speaker to provide details about transportation, weather updates, personal schedules, reminders to take medications, and more.

LG smart home AI agent

Lyu Jae-cheol, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, says the smart home AI agent services to “help free customers from household chores.” If only it could vacuum, mop, fold laundry, dust, and cook as well. Baby steps.

See the LG smart home AI agent and other LG innovations at the company’s booth #16008 in Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2024, which takes place January 9-12, 2024.