CZ Citizen smartwatches

Citizen CZ Hybrid Watches Now Available in Canada

The Citizen CZ Smart touchscreen and hybrid watches with proprietary wellness software that were announced during CES 2023 earlier this year are now officially available in Canada.

The CZ Smart PQ2, which includes new touchscreen Sport, Casual, and Hybrid Sport styles features a built-in self-care advisor through the proprietary CZ Smart YouQ wellness application, developed using research pioneered by NASA’s Ames Research Center and AI built through Citizen partnerships using the environment and tools within IBM Watson Studio or IBM Cloud.

Citizen CZ smartwatches

The CZ Smart YouQ software scientifically determines a wearer’s Chronotype to help you understand and anticipate patterns of fatigue and alertness. It offers customized insights and personalized strategies to manage stress, set activity goals, encourage self-care and well-being, and ultimately build better habits.

Based on a wearer’s Chronotype and Power Score (Low, Optimal, or Peak), a personalized indicator of physical and cognitive energy, CZ Smart YouQ recommends one of a wide range of scientifically backed Power Fixes– from nutritional tips to performing acupressure to tapping and beyond️. The range of Power Fixes available ensures that any wearer can integrate simple actions into their daily lives to optimize for what’s ahead. 

Tony Hawk with Citizen CZ smartwatch
Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk calls the Citizen CZ Smart watch “next level,”finding it a useful way to keep on top of his personal well-being as he recovers from a debilitating injury.

“The CZ Smart watch with YouQ app is truly next level,” comments Tony Hawk, legendary skateboarder, watch collector, and self-professed gadget geek. “You can look 24 hours ahead with an hourly Power Score, helping you to stay at your best performance levels while doing what you love and learning about your wellness along the way. As I continue to recover from a debilitating injury and prioritize my overall well-being, CZ Smart YouQ is helping me make smarter choices in order to emerge stronger and wiser than ever.” 

Over time, aggregating wearer data, including Alert Scores, Chronotype, sleep patterns, activity, and heart rate monitoring, will enable CZ Smart YouQ to cater to wearers more personally. This is not just in understanding them and their relationship to chronotypes, but also in understanding the effectiveness of certain Power Fixes for each person. 

Citizen CZ smartwatches

“This new collection of CZ Smart watches brings Citizen’s legacy of iconic design and revolutionary technology to the wrists of classic watch enthusiasts, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone who is interested in optimizing their life,” says Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch America. “With best-in-class research and technology from NASA and IBM Watson respectively, the proprietary CZ Smart YouQ application ushers in the next era of wearable technology.” 

The CZ Smart YouQ software is available exclusively on the second-generation collection of CZ Smart watches in touchscreen and hybrid models. All Citizen CZ Smart watches offer downloadable, customizable dials and the touchscreen Sport and Casual styles offer a range of interchangeable stainless-steel bracelet, mesh, leather, and silicone straps.

Citizen CZ Casual
Citizen CZ Casual smartwatch

The CZ Smart Hybrid smartwatch boasts an impressive 18-day battery life (varies based on usage) and marries the classic look of analog hands with a backlit 1.1-inch E-ink display for integrated smartwatch functionality. It delivers notifications for incoming calls, texts, e-mails, and calendar appointments.

Citizen CZ Sport smartwatch
Citizen CZ Sport smartwatch

The Sport and Casual versions have a 1.3-inch AMOLED display and run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ processor with 8GB storage. It offers more than 24 hours battery life per charge (varies based on usage), can fully charge in 40 minutes, and is powered by Google Wear OS. It includes Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC in addition to Bluetooth.

Citizen CZ Hybrid smartwatch
Citizen CZ Hybrid smartwatch

Additional functionality from the Citizen Connected app delivers the latest Golf Report and Live Sports. With Amazon Alexa built-in, you can play music, control your smart home, get information, news, weather, and more using the mic in your CZ Smart Hybrid smartwatch. 

Citizen will launch five additional CZ Smart Hybrid Sport styles with 22mm interchangeable straps in Fall 2023.  

The PQ2 touchscreen watches are currently available in Canada directly through Citizen and at Best Buy stores nationally or online. All three versions are compatible with both iOS and devices, excluding Android Go Edition devices and phones without Google Play Store access.