CMF Neckband Pro

CMF by Nothing Debuts New Buds, Neckband Pro, Both with ANC

On the heels of the announcement of the Nothing Phone (2a), CMF, a sub-brand of Nothing, has introduced its new Buds and Neckband Pro. Both offer active noise cancellation (ANC) technology but employ very different designs.

“Last September, we launched our sub-brand, CMF by Nothing,” says Akis Evangelidis, Co-founder of Nothing. “The reception for our first-generation products has been amazing, and they quickly became bestsellers. Today, we are excited to launch Buds and Neckband Pro, and even more excited about everything that’s to come.”

CMF by Nothing Buds

The Buds effectively block out noise, says CMF, and include Transparency Mode when you want to let some sounds back in. They come with four HD mics work with Clear Voice Technology and an advanced wind noise reduction algorithm.

Crafted with a 12.4 mm Bio-fibre driver, the Buds feature enhanced acoustic components and Ultra Bass Technology 2.0 to deliver deep bass, balanced mid-range notes, and ethereal treble. Digitally enhanced using Dirac Opteo patented correction technology, they come equipped with five popular EQ settings tailored to various music styles.

CMF by Nothing Buds

With the 45mAh battery in each bud and 460mAg battery in the included charging case, you can enjoy up to eight hours of listening per charge and extend playback to 35.5 hours by using Buds with the charging case. A fast 10-minute charge powers them for another 6.5 hours.

Buds will initially be sold in India starting March 8 for the equivalent of about US$39: there’s no word on Canadian availability.

CMF Neckband Pro

The Neckband Pro, meanwhile, has an advanced chipset and five HD mics. It features Environment Adaptive ANC that self-adjusts to ambient noise with three intensity settings for optimal listening along with Transparency Mode. Calls are boosted by an AI noise cancellation algorithm tested with over 30 million sound samples.

For wearing these while exercising, they have an intuitive 3-in-1 Smart Dial for easily adjusting volume, play/pause or skip tracks, and controlling ANC via a spin or press. They can be safely work both indoors and out with an IP55 water, sweat and dust resistant rating. Admittedly, the design is a bit strange, sort of like a hybrid of wired earbuds, wireless, and neckband. But it may just be a matter of getting used to the unique design.

CMF Neckband Pro

Neckband Pro is built with a 13.6 mm composite diaphragm driver and a 0.27cc back chamber to enhance bass depth without distortions, says CMF. Heightened by Ultra Bass Technology 2.0 and five adjustable levels in the Nothing X app, it detects music signals in real time for a clearer bass effect. The flagship processor creates a Spatial Audio Effect as well.

Powered by a 220 mAh battery, you’ll get up to 37 hours of non-stop playback or fast charge for 10 minutes to listen for 18 hours (with ANC turned off).

Neckband Pro will be available starting March 11 for US$35, and in the U.S. (no word on Canada) a day later starting March 12.