Cobra dash cams

Cobra’s New Dash Cams Let You Record Timelapse Videos, Enable Parking Live View

Cobra Electronics has released a new line of dash cams, including the SC 250R, SC 220C, and SC 120. All three models afford high-definition video, driver-assistance alerts, seamless connectivity options, and more.

As upgraded additions to Cobra’s existing dash cam assortment, these latest models are equipped with new features like Trip Clips, allowing drivers to capture timelapse recordings of scenic drives and easily share with family and friends. There’s also Parking Live View, giving drivers the option to monitor surroundings and activity when their vehicle is parked.

All users will have access to a like-minded community of drivers with the Drive Smarter app, which provides shared alerts from nearby radar and laser detectors, as well as red light and speed camera locations. Cobra dash cams also offer exclusive Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing users to view and access alerts at their fingertips.

Cobra dash cams

The Cobra SC 250R is a dual-view smart dash cam with a front and rear-view camera. An upgrade from the current SC 200D model, the 250R comes equipped with 4K video, cloud video management, heads-up navigation, emergency mayday notifications, and remote live view, which allows drivers to monitor their vehicle remotely via the cloud and stay safe when connected to a hotspot.

A different dual-view camera that captures the front and interior of a vehicle, the Cobra 220C is great for those looking for comprehensive security on the road. Features include ultra-clear quad HD video, cloud video management, heads-up navigation, emergency mayday notifications, and privacy mode, which disables video and audio recording with the touch of a button.

Cobra’s newest single-view smart dash cam, its smallest yet, is the SC 120. It features a single camera with quad HD video, cloud video management, remote live view and security, emergency mayday notifications, and privacy mode. Drivers can instantly store, edit, and share footage from anywhere thanks to built-in Wi-Fi.

The Cobra SC 250R and Cobra 220C are available for US$259.95 and US$199.95, respectively; while the Cobra SC 120 will be available later this summer for US$129.95.