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Dirac to Promote Room Correction Solutions, New Partner Program at CEDIA Expo 2023

Swedish digital audio company Dirac is returning to the CEDIA Expo 2023 this year, and will showcase its expanding portfolio of room correction solutions, as well as preview its upcoming partner program for resellers and custom installers.

Dirac’s portfolio of solutions includes Dirac Live Room Correction, Dirac Live Bass Control, and Dirac Live Active Room Treatment. The company’s expanding customer base now includes NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Elite, Integra, Denon, Marantz, AudioControl, Arcam, JBL, and McIntosh, amongst others.

Visitors to Dirac’s Booth #730 will learn how to leverage Dirac Live to optimize system performance, room design benefits through the software technologies, and ways to incentivize home theatre installers.

Dirac Live

Custom Installers and resellers are also invited to sign up for early access to Dirac’s soon-to-be-launched partner program. This will allow those who recommend, refer, or resell Dirac to start earning recurring commissions with every sale. While still in development, those who sign up will receive instructions on how to apply as soon as the program launches.

“Custom installers are often asked to do the impossible task of incorporating cutting-edge, high-performing technology into a room without disrupting its aesthetics,” says Dr. Mathias Johansson, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Dirac. “This is primarily the case in the home theatre, where clients demand premium audio quality from a system that easily blends in with the room. In response, room correction software is increasingly leveraged by custom installers to deliver on this demand – while optimizing the full potential of home theatre audio performance.

Dirac Live

“At Dirac,” he continued, “we’ve pioneered the cutting-edge of digital room correction technologies and we look forward to providing CEDIA attendees with both the critical knowledge necessary to deliver on complex installations and the opportunity to begin earning commission by recommending the industry’s most powerful suite of audio software tools.”

First unveiled at CES 2023, Dirac Live Active Room Treatment is the latest in the family of award-winning Dirac Live features designed to address bass resonance and room decay time to produce a cleaner, tighter bass experience. Leveraging Dirac’s expertise in MIMO mixed-phase impulse response correction technology, the software enables spatial optimization, whereby all speakers in a sound system cooperate with each other to accomplish what passive acoustic treatments struggle to achieve.

Dirac Live Active Room Treatment complements the company’s existing Dirac Live features – Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control – to improve sound performance in any listening area. It can be used in any system with more than one speaker, with progressive performance enhancements based on the total speakers in the system.

Dirac Live

Dirac Live Bass Control intelligently co-optimizes a system’s subwoofers and speakers to deliver consistent and accurate bass throughout an entire room. It ensures smoother bass in the crossover region between subs and speakers and is available for single and multi-subwoofer setups.

Dirac Live Room Correction, the company’s original room acoustics software, corrects for both the magnitude and phase of the entire sound system including the room itself – resulting in more transparent, balanced sound, tighter bass, improved staging, and enhanced clarity, says the company.

“As we enter another CEDIA Expo, it’s clear that consumer demand for premium audio experiences continues to grow, with no signs of slowing down,” Johansson concludes. “Over the last year, through strategic collaborations with some of the world’s most premium audio brands, we’ve brought professional-level acoustic room correction within reach of all listeners. As such, it’s become even more critical for the CEDIA community to be fully educated on the depth and breadth of what Dirac Live has to offer.”

At the show, Dirac will host a CEDIA 2023 Smart Stage panel to discuss the present and future of room correction technology for custom installers. The panel, titled “State-Of-The-Art Room Correction in the Custom Install Market: Today and Into the Future,” will take place on September 8 at 3:25 p.m. Panelists include Johansson, in addition to Dallas Dingle, founder of US-based integration firm Supercalibrations; Terry Ellis, founder of UK-based integration firm Pursuit Perfect System; and David Cain, Vice President of Sales & Commerce at Lenbrook.