Gemsen Becomes Exclusive Canadian Distributor for SOUNDBOKS 

Canadian distributor Gemsen has announced an exclusive partnership with Danish audio brand SOUNDBOKS, a company founded by three high-school students in 2015 with an aim of making a high-powered portable speaker, that could be played as loud as possible.  The initial goal was to build a speaker that could “outlast the wildest nights.”

After manufacturing and selling 400 speakers with boot-strapped money, mostly to members of the Roskilde community just west of Copenhagen. the three friends applied to a Y-Combinator mentorship program run through Silicon Valley to obtain professional guidance on expanding their brand.  The SOUNDBOKS founders became the youngest Europeans ever to be invited to the Y-Combinator tech start-up program.  That led to a relocation to Los Angeles. $780,000 raised through Kickstarter and Forbes recognizing one of the founders in their 30 under 30 list for innovation and entrepreneurship .

Today, SOUNDBOKS have sold over 250,000 speakers in 58 countries and the brand offers three models of party speakers with an array of accessories including extended battery packs, carrying cases and cables.


The latest speaker is the SOUNDBOKS 4, (MSRP $1,399 CDN) a Bluetooth connectable speaker boasting 126 dB of sound with 40-hours of continuous battery playback.  The speaker is IP65 rated for use in any weather and through a built-in SKAA connection can accommodate up to five SOUNDBOK 4 speakers linked for maximum “party effect.”


“Gemsen is a young youthful company, and we were immediately attracted to the go-getter entrepreneurial spirit of the young team that founded SOUNDBOKS” stated Mike O’Connor, Gemsen’s Senior Vice President. “SOUNDBOKS has created a well-respected following in the festival community by building a loud, great sounding portable speaker that can be played anywhere” added O’Connor “and we are thrilled to be partnering with SOUNDBOKS to expand their reach in the Canadian market well beyond the festival market to include outdoor home, camping and recreation as well as the marine market.”

Gemsen will begin shipping the SOUNDBOKS 4 and the smaller SOUNDBOKS Go to Canadian dealers later this month.