Google Chromebook Plus

Google Debuts Chromebook Plus with AI

Google has introduced the new evolution in Chromebooks: Chromebook Plus includes both built-in Google apps as well as powerful AI capabilities, including features from Pixel phones like Magic Eraser. Eight models will be available starting October 9 (October 8 in the U.S.) from partner brands like Acer, Asus, HP, and Lenovo, starting at $570 in Canada.

The Chromebook Plus laptops offer faster processors, double the memory and storage, and come equipped with a Full HD IPS display offering a 1,080p HD experience for watching videos, reading wegpages, playing games, and more. They also include a 1,080p+ webcam with temporal noise reduction during video calls.

All Chromebook Plus laptops come with an Intel Core i3 12th Gen processor or above, or AMD Ryzen 3 7000 series or above. They also include 8GB+ RAM and at least 128GB storage. Some premium features from Google Meet are now also available directly in the Chromebook Plus OS, including an enhanced camera, processor, and more AI features.  

Google Chromebook Plus

For calls, the built-in AI is designed to help enhance call clarity and lighting, cancel background noise, and blur backgrounds with a few taps in any video conferencing app, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and others. The options are available and accessible through the built-in ChromeOS software video call tools via the Chromebook app shelf. Additionally, you can download other Google apps, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Express, and LumaFusion.

The Magic Eraser AI-powered editing is now in the built-in Google Photos app on Chromebook Plus, so you can remove unwanted distractions from photos and receive intelligent suggestions in the scene. The app also includes additional enhanced editing features, like an HDR effect that enhances brightness and contrast, and the ability to add portrait blur to your existing photos.

There’s a new File Sync feature, with Google Drive files always accessible, whether you’re online or offline. There’s automatic downloading of drive files, taking advantage of the 128GB storage minimum.

Chromebook Plus also enables you to work on more graphically demanding projects, like ones in Adobe Photoshop on the web and Adobe Express Premium. Powered by Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, you can add, extend, remove content or use text prompts to edit photos and create social media graphics, flyers, and more. Each Google Chromebook will come with three months of Adobe Photoshop on the web and Express free.

For filmmaking, use LumaFusion’s video-editing suite, which is designed for both beginner and advanced editors. With the purchase of a new Chromebook Plus, you get 25% off LumaFusion’s one-time cost of $30.

Google Chromebook Plus AI

Some features on Chromebook Plus, like on-device AI, work alongside the features of Duet AI in Google Workspace, which is available for a no-cost trial.

Google says the company will be adding new features to Chromebook Plus over time, including bringing Google’s AI capabilities to ChromeOS. Soon, for example, you will be able to right-click to refine shorter-form content across websites. This might be a restaurant review, for example, a social media post, or a YouTube video description.

Another upcoming feature includes image generation capabilities, including personalization capabilities in the ChromeOS settings menu, like generating custom wallpapers using templatized text prompts.

Additionally, Google is working on adding generative AI backgrounds to your video calls.

In addition to new Chromebook Plus devices, some existing Chromebooks will qualify for an OS update to include the enhanced features found on Chromebook Plus devices in the coming weeks.