Best Buy Canada Moving to Smaller Corporate Office

Best Buy Canada has announced the company will be relocating the Canadian corporate headquarters from the existing 140,000 square foot office space in Burnaby, British Columbia to a 70,000 square foot office space closer to downtown Vancouver in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

The new glass structure is half the size of Best Buy’s present HQ and closer to downtown Vancouver

The move is a reaction to the new hybrid model of working from home while being in an office just a few days each week, if at all. Best Buy employs 1,200 people corporately with almost all working remotely for the past two years.  Best Buy has pivoted their employee structuring so that working remotely can be a permanent option if an employee wishes. In an internal Best Buy survey, 96% of corporate employees viewed their work performance as being more effective when working from home, while half said they would like to be in the office only when necessary, such as town hall meetings, strategy sessions or large team gatherings, versus being in the office on a pre-existing schedule.

The open concept communal spaces are designed for collaboration

Best Buy expects to be transitioned into the new smaller offices by May 2022.

Open concept meeting spaces designed to house team groups when they do indeed meet in person