Google Pixel 8a

Google’s Affordable Pixel 8a Joins the Line

Google introduced the Pixel 7a alongside the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro when they were introduced back in 2022. But an “a” variant was never launched alongside the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro last year. Finally, months into 2024, Google has revealed the Google Pixel 8a, which unexpectedly has many of the same AI features as the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

The Google Pixel 8a might be the most affordable option in the line, but it includes Gemini, Best Take, Audio Magic Eraser, and more. It comes powered with the same Google Tensor G3 chip, but sells for a reduced price starting at $679 in Canada ($759 for the 256GB variant).

Google Pixel 8a

With rounded edges, a matte back, and polished aluminum frame, the phone employs a durable design to handle slips, spills, and dust. It comes with a new Actua display that is 40% brighter than the Pixel 7a with a faster 120Hz refresh rate.

Available in Obsidian and Porcelain as well as new A-series colour Bay and brand-new limited edition finish Aloe, the phone comes with up to 256GB storage, the largest yet for an A-series device.

You get a dual rear camera with a 64PM main sensor and a 13MP ultra-wide lens, along with a 13MP front camera with a large field-of-view.

Google Pixel 8a

Most interesting is that Google is including all its AI goodies in this entry-level phone as well. That includes Best Take for getting ideal group shots by allowing you to adjust each person’s expression to put together the perfect photo. It also includes Magic Editor for repositioning and resizing subjects or using presets for backgrounds; and Audio Magic Eraser for removing distracting sounds in videos, like wind or crowds. The Google Pixel 8a also has Super Res Zoom up to 8x and other photo editing and capture features like Magic Eraser, Night Sight, Photo Unblur, and Real Tone.

Google’s Gemini is accessible on the Pixel 8a. With the built-in AI assistant, you can type, talk, and add images on the go. It can provide help with brainstorming ideas, writing thank you notes, planning a vacation, and more. All you need to do is enable extensions then hold the power button to ask Gemini to do things like summarize e-mails or sift through your inbox.

The phone also includes the handy Circle to Search feature for easily circling, scribbling on, or tapping an image, text, or video to learn more about a subject or object without having to leave the app you’re in.

Google Pixel 8a

Other AI features in the Google Pixel 8a include AI-powered Pixel Call Assist features like Call Screen, Direct My Call, Hold for Me, Clear Calling, and more. Pixel 8a also introduces Audio Emoji, which can make your phone calls more expressive and engaging. Tap on an emoji to trigger an audio reaction and visual effect. This can include a hand-clap emoji to applaud a job well done, for example, or the laughing emoji after telling your best joke.

Parents can use Family Link to manage privacy settings, establish screen time limits, and share location. This phone comes with the same security as the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, including the certified Titan M2 security chip and built-in VPN for additional protection.

The Google Pixel 8a will receive seven years of software support, including security updates and Android OS upgrades, along with new features and improvements in ongoing Feature Drops.

Google PIxel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a starts at $679 in Canada and will officially land in retail stores on May 14.

In other news, starting today, you can pre-order the Pixel Tablet without the Charging Speaker Dock for $399, available May 14 as well. The Pixel Tablet will be getting new features as well, including Circle to Search, the Gemini app, and more. Now through May 20, you can trade-in an eligible device through the Google Store to get a 128GB Pixel Tablet for as low as $0.