Here’s to 2022

It is hard to believe that 2021 was actually year-two of our global pandemic that has disrupted everything from commerce to travel to supply chains and everything in between. Here we are on the eve of a new year and new lock-downs and restrictions are making things feel a wee bit too deja vu.

Pic via Instagram – DM for credit

At Wifi Hifi, we hope when you open a bottle (or however you celebrate) tonight to bring in the new year, that there’s a whole bunch of good that you can share on the year we just had, sprinkled with the chaos and frustration and is the easiest way to reflect on the past year. We call it silver linings.

We are a resilient bunch and one characteristic that defines us is hope and perseverance. Whatever 2022 wants to throw our way we will meet it. We wish you a terrific New Year’s Eve and here’s to 2022! We will have full coverage of CES starting January 6th so please tune in.

All the best from Christine, John and the rest of the Wifi Hifi team for a productive and successful 2022!