Huawei Forges Ahead With its Own OS

Huawei is committing to a Google-less world for its phones. The company is past the point of no return, even if the U.S.-imposed ban on Huawei’s use of U.S. technology would ever be reversed according to Huawei Consumer Business Group officials at yesterday’s Huawei Europe product launch in Vienna.

The Huawei launch at a convention hall with more than 700 guests and fans followed COVID-19 rules in an aggressive show highlighting a positive business outlook for phones and peripherals.

Huawei committed to following its own path, opting for its own HarmonyOS 2, which, along with Google-like features, includes powerful features for easy and seamless connection between devices like headphones, speakers, watches with the Huawei brand. More than a thousand third-party brands have signed up to join the HarmonyOS 2 world. Huawei announced new headphones, smartwatches, portable speakers, professional and curved gaming monitors, with new Windows laptops coming by the end of the year. Most will be in Canada in time for the holiday season.

Huawei Consumer Business Group officials also told a group of Canadian journalists invited to the Vienna launch that the company is giving its current cell phones a brief rest in Canada. They are stressing that there’s much more to the company than just phones. Instead, Huawei is concentrating on the peripherals mentioned above that can still work with any Google or Google-less phone as well as iOS device.  

The Chinese consumer electronics giant is still struggling with slower phone sales outside China since a U.S.-imposed ban on its phones with U.S. related products including Google Services. The company brand has admitted to the challenges of dealing with a negative bias but maintains a positive outlook. “The way for us to counter this bias is to make better products,” said Radek Krasny Director of Marketing Huawei Canada.

I checked out the impressive multi-floor Huawei store in the heart of Vienna’s fashionable district. A steady stream of customers following the launch streamed through to check out the new Nova 9 smartphone.

Here are the new products Huawei will bring to Canadian stores this quarter starting today.

Audio Wearables

FreeBuds Lipstick is Huawei’s bold, entertaining, luxury design and cutting-edge technology in one package. These high end TWS earphones ooze craftsmanship and luxury. Once you get past the glitter you will appreciate the Active Noise Cancellation, Adaptive Ear Matching (AEM) technology and comfortable design. These Freebuds will define your beauty and sound makeover in addition to starting conversations with passersby.


The current Huawei Watch GT3 with two new models, 46mm and 42mm and added all day SpO2 monitoring, sleeping tracking, sleep tracking and Bluetooth calling and compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro

The impressive Huawei Watch 3 Pro 48mm will keep you connected 2/47 with an eSIM mobile capability for calls using your existing original number and keep streaming music for anywhere and direct to device downloadable apps as well as all day 24/7 health monitoring. The ultra-vivid 1.43″ AMOLED display impresses as does the high-response touch-sensitive screen, side button and fully rotatable crown, offset for easy access. It comes with 30 pre-installed faces including 1,000+ designs available at the Huawei Watch Face Store. Create 5-10 sec short videos taken from your phone and watch on the phone. The easy the use app grid display access your apps faster as does using it to receive and start calls without the need of an eSIM card. Meet Celia, Huawei’s new personal voice assistant like that other lady on iPhones. Use it to compose and take pictures with your watch controlling things like zooming in and out using the crown to zoom. Monitor your health like round-the-clock SpO2 health and use you Huawei phone to reverse charge the Huawei Watch 3 Pro and much more.

Battery stamina: Get three weeks with one battery charge keeping the following features: ultra-long battery life mode enabled, factory default setting, heart rate monitoring enabled, HUAWEI TruSleep™ enabled for sleeping at night, 30 minutes of Bluetooth callings every week,90 minutes of working out every week (GPS enabled), message notifications enabled (50 SMS messages, 6 calls, and 3 alarms a day), and the screen is turned on 200 times a day. The smart mode in typical scenarios is 2.5 days when paired with an iPhone.


The multi-sensor Scale 7 goes beyond just weight, measureing other physical health aspects by simply standing on it.


The MateView GT curved 32 – inch display with soundbar base

The MateView with smart connection, 4K+, 98% DCI-P3, HDR, 3:2 28.2 – inch play, OneHop Wireless projection and easy SmartBar  projection impresses.