iFi Launches ZEN Blue 3 World’s First Lossless Audio Receiver & Transmitter

High-fidelity audio components manufacturer iFi Audio, has launched the ZEN Blue 3 hi-resolution Bluetooth DAC. By merging wireless connectivity with lossless CD quality audio transmission and audiophile-grade circuitry, iFi states the ZEN Blue 3 becomes the first true lossless audiophile-grade Bluetooth experience for your Hi-Fi system. iFi accomplishes this by using true audiophile-grade, Hi-Fi circuitry and is not just a System-on-a-Chip solution by using separate Bluetooth, DAC and Op-Amp chips for superior sound.

New to the ZEN Blue 3 is three new operation modes including Bluetooth RX, TX, and DAC, while also featuring aptX Lossless Bluetooth codec to receive or transmit Lossless CD-quality and Hi-Res audio over Bluetooth and a switchable low-latency mode.

The iFi ZEN Blue 3 is the world’s first wireless DAC that can both transmit and receive lossless CD quality with no data loss. The new DAC uses the latest Bluetooth 5.4 and the aptX Lossless codec, and Hi-Res 96kHz via LDAC and LDHC/HWA. aptX Lossless falls under the ‘aptX Adaptive’ codec, which houses multiple codecs with different transmission speeds and bit rates within it. 

For audio connoisseurs, this means the ZEN Blue 3 allows you to stream lossless CD-quality music from your mobile phone to your Hi-Fi system. Home cinema lovers can also enjoy high-quality audio with Hi-Res Bluetooth headphones while watching movies at home.

For those using the ZEN Blue 3 in transmission mode for watching video content or gaming, there is a low latency button on the front of the unit that resolves the delay issue between the video and audio, meaning audio is in sync with video content.

The iFi ZEN Blue 3 three new function modes are RX mode which receives Bluetooth from a source device. TX mode which transmits Bluetooth to a device and Wired DAC mode via USB-C or S/PDIF inputs..

With so many Hi-Res audio options available to the ZEN Blue 3, making balanced circuitry available to users is more important than ever. By including a balanced line output, users with a balanced audio setup can look forward to significantly reduced signal noise and crosstalk between channels, bringing all the clarity with none of the audio clutter.

Following the redesigned aesthetic of the ZEN 3 product series, the ZEN Blue 3 features a two-tone front panel design to stand out among hi-fi ‘black boxes’. Similarly, the ZEN Blue 3 exudes character and personality with its smile-like button layout.

The iFi ZEN Blue 3 will be available by mid-July at CA$299. Erikson Consumer is the exclusive distributor of iFi products in Canada.