ISE 2024: Snap One Announces New Control4, OvrC Solutions

Snap One is introducing new Control4 and OvrC solutions for the smart home and integration community at ISE 2024. The Control4 and OvrC ecosystems now offer expanded KNX support.

Show attendees can experience Control4 CORE controllers that provides comprehensive smart living control, along with new real-time surveillance benefits of the AI-powered Luma Insights solution. Also on display will be Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting with colour temperature and colour slider controls; and WattBox power products with OvrC remote management that provide monitoring and troubleshooting benefits for both partners and end customers.

In addition to expanded KNX support, Control4 recently launched a new CORE lite Controller, available in three different bundled price-points. These are designed specifically to provide single-room installations and expansions with the complete Control4 experience, providing all the same features and solutions as any other CORE Series Controller. The controllers are compatible with Control4 Halo remotes, which provide a sleek tactile control experience and greater functionality and power than traditional TV remotes. 

Sold as bundles containing a CORE lite controller and either the Halo Remote, SR260, or NEEO remote (while supplies last), the new options give Snap One partners an entry-level solution for budget-conscious projects while enabling simple expansions for existing clients. Control4 continually introduces firmware upgrades for its Halo remotes to streamline user experiences, improve reliability, and ensure all the most in-demand functions are simple to use.


When combined, the Control4 system acts as a central hub, integrating all of Snap One’s in-house brands and third-party products including lighting, climate control, security and surveillance, media distribution, networking, and remote user access solutions. Snap One consistently develops new proprietary products for the Control4 ecosystem, such as the Vibrant Linear Lighting system of controllable LED lighting products and the Luma Bridge, which enables integration with its new surveillance AI platform. 

In terms of key new tech/support, KNX Secure was developed by adapting the KNX IP Routing Gateway driver that works hand in hand with the newer KNX secure standards. This is important, says Snap One, given the new, upcoming cyber security legislation and the need to adapt to a more secure approach when talking about control systems for the home and commercial installations.

Snap One has looked to build upon its collaboration with KNX and at the ISE booth, attendees can experience technical examples from Adeo, Consyst, Eelectron, Ekinex, Faradite, Janus Technologies, MDT, Polarbear, QMotion, and more.

Additionally, there will be a side-by-side demonstration of both Composer and ETS working together and also an example of how to monitor and integrate with BACnet and Modus protocols in tandem with KNX and what this means to more advanced HVAC and BMS solutions using Control4.

Show attendees can see that new platform, dubbed Luma Insights, in action, using AI and machine learning to auto-detect significant on-camera incidents and send push alerts to users’ mobile devices. A tap on the notification automatically takes users deep within the Control4 app to either the live view page for ongoing incidents or the recordings page to review completed footage.

The software also automatically saves snapshots and video clips of triggered events to the cloud for seven days, ensuring that important moments aren’t lost. This does require a subscription, however.

International partners will also be able to demo the OvrC remote management platform, which enables installers to remotely view and access equipment to perform routine maintenance such as initial setup, firmware updates, remote resets, and more. OvrC is embedded in most IP connected Snap One products and the OvrC Pro agent, which provides visibility/monitoring to the entire network, is included in Araknis routers and Control4 controllers. OvrC is also a standard feature on WattBox rackmount and standalone power products including surge protectors and UPS backups, capturing device data and offering control of outlets. 

OvrC provides active monitoring with partner alerts for issues like downed networks and unresponsive equipment. These functions can reduce the need to send technicians to perform on-site maintenance, saving time, money, and frustration for both the integrator and the end-user.

Snap One is also growing OvrC beyond monitoring and management: OvrC can now be used to setup and configure MoIP video distribution systems, the new Luma X20 IP cameras and NVRs, and the Luma Bridge. OvrC is now home to streamlined processes for Control4, like Controller Registration that provides temporary partner credentials to use the Control4 app to customize, test, and validate their deployments before taking advantage of the new Customer Handoff feature in OvrC.

In addition to Control4 and OvrC innovations, the booth also highlights how being a Snap One partner affords access to exclusive solutions such as Triad professional-grade speakers for home theatres, distributed audio systems, outdoor audio reinforcement, and soundbar solutions, in addition to amplifiers and subwoofers. Guests can browse the newest Triad innovations including customizable soundbars, slim subwoofers, and dual powered subwoofers, then experience an immersive audio landscape in the booth’s full Triad home theatre that demonstrates various scenarios, such as a streaming music listening session and a movie night.