Cradlepoint Adds AI Functionality to Advance 5G for Businesses

Cradlepoint has announced new AI functionality for its 5G wireless network edge solutions. The company has adopted an AI model focused on cellular networking. Organizations can also embrace generative AI tools without the risk of data leakage through a security service acquired from Ericom

Among the Cradlepoint AI capabilities is NetCloud AIOps Dashboard, which simplifies the ongoing operations of enterprise networks leveraging 5G SASE capabilities. The NetCloud AI model aggregates learning into a single dashboard that identifies areas of performance degradation, isolates the cause of the issue, and pinpoints the affected sites, users and applications. With a unique focus on cellular networking, NetCloud AIOps will turn cellular signal quality indicators, such as proximity to cell tower, signal quality and signal strength into actionable insights to enhance performance. 

There’s also AI-based NetCloud Assistant (ANA), which uses natural language processing to assist NetCloud users with everyday queries about the operation of their network. ANA can provide recommendations on cellular endpoints for specific use cases, effectively troubleshooting network performance issues, and more, effectively serving as an assistant to simplify day-to-day operations.


With Network Traffic Analysis, you get centralized flow-level visibility for traffic analysis and forensics. This service will evolve later this year to leverage AI to establish a baseline of normal traffic patterns for the most common 5G use cases (distributed IoT, vehicles, sites) and flag any anomalies indicating the signs of a breach. 

GenAI Data Loss Prevention applies access policies to block confidential data, personally identifiable information, or other sensitive data from being submitted to the generative AI site which can be potentially exposed in future responses. Ericom’s remote browser isolation technology also protects against weaponized responses infecting employee assets.