Kabuto smart luggage

Kabuto Smart Luggage Magnetically Attaches to the Backpack

Kabuto has released its new Smart Luggage and Backpack, which includes a full-sized suitcase and expandable backpack.

The biometrically sealed Kabuto Trunk is stylish and compact while the new Kabuto Backpack seamlessly attaches to it magnetically. This also expands its volume from nine to 18 liters.

“In this new reopening world, people are going further than they ever have before with the ability to now travel safely and work remotely,” says Jérôme Tricault, co-founder and CEO of Kabuto. “The need for smarter, more organized travel has never been greater, which is why we designed the new smart trunk and backpack that allows travelers to roam the world with ease.”

Kabuto smart luggage

The hard-shell trunk has a TSA-approved removable battery for recharging all your devices, while the Kabuto TSA-approved biometric sensor keeps valuables safe with the touch of your finger and unlocks in just 1/100th of a second. 

Weighing just 10 lbs., the trunk can fit more than your standard suitcase because of its efficient use of space, says Kabuto. Adjustable compartments create space while the packing cube and suit sleeve provide extra protection. The Kabuto Trunk features metal-bearing wheels and real tires for a 360-degree tread that’s nearly silent.

Kabuto smart luggage

Check the full-sized Kabuto Trunk and retain your valuables by magnetically unclipping your Kabuto backpack. The Kabuto backpack snaps to the trunk via a Fidlock mechanism for a secure connection.

The new trunk and backpack are available for pre-order today, with special limited-time pricing starting at $299 ($429 MSRP) for the backpack and $629 ($899 MSRP) for the trunk.