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SnapAV Launches Episode Mini 5.1 AVR

SnapAV has launched the first small form factor Episode AVR, the Episode Mini 5.1 AVR, which is specifically designed for rooms where space is limited.

Small enough to fit behind a TV in a Strong Versabox, the Mini 5.1 AVR offers integrators a sleek surround sound solution that delivers power for bedrooms, dens, basements, and other smaller rooms, including existing TV spaces.

“When integrators join the SnapAV community, we want them to know that we have an audio solution for every need and project, and we are constantly developing innovative new tools to increase installation options and satisfy every end customer,” says Mike Jordan, SnapAV’s Vice President of Control and Entertainment. “The new Episode Mini 5.1 AVR delivers state-of-the-art video feed through, powerful amplification and support for control system integration, further ensuring our trusted integrators can source everything they need from SnapAV, whether through our online store or a Local SnapAV Pro Store.”

Ideally suited for upgrading existing TV rooms, the Mini AVR 5.1 is a fully featured AV receiver that easily connects with virtually any speakers, including Episode soundbars and Signature by Episode speakers, to offer an immersive surround sound experience. Featuring support for 3D, 4K, and D colour content, the AVR includes three HDMI 2.0 inputs and an HDMI ARC in/out, a 3.5mm analog/optical input combo jack, a built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless music streaming and a subwoofer LFE out port. It also includes support for HDR content, with 4K30/10 bit and 4K60/8-bit playback.

The hidable AVR provides 50 watts to front channels and 25 watts to rear channels, while Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio processing enables high fidelity playback. Thanks to rubber feet and phoenix connectors for speaker wires, installation is flexible and simple, whether it sits on a tabletop or is mounted in an equipment rack. 

Easy to install and set up thanks to an on-screen display and intuitive browser-based web interface for configuration, it has options for IR control via legacy systems, drivers for IP connection to leading control systems (Including SDDP for Control 4), and CEC to enable TV remote control. Integrators can provide extra support for clients thanks to included OvrC functionality that allows remote access in order to adjust settings or troubleshoot. 

The AVR’s web interface allows for additional configuration including speaker size selection, distance settings for time alignment, individual channel levels, as well as crossover adjustments. For two-channel sources, playback can use either two-channel stereo, five-channel stereo, or Dolby ProLogic II distribution.

“Whether clients are expanding audio in an existing TV area or adding a new system, the Mini 5.1 AVR is the ultimate solution due to its small size and ability to be hidden,” adds Jordan. “With all the power of larger units, plus must-have CI features such as control system drivers, integrated Bluetooth audio streaming, and remote accessibility through OvrC, SnapAV is making it even easier for dealers to find everything they need in one place and deliver superior solutions to every client.”