Kokoon NoiseBuds

Kokoon Nightbuds Help Block Noise at Night, Monitor Your Sleep

On the heels of the launch of the company’s Smart Sleep Relax Headphones, London-bases Kokoon confirms that it is now shipping its Nightbuds sleep earbuds.

Available in Canada for $329, the Nightbuds sit snug in the ears to mask disturbing noise through intelligent noise-masking technology and passive noise blocking. Ideal for slide sleepers, the sensors also monitor your sleep to provide personalized coaching, insights, and tips. They also feature adaptive audio that automatically fades as you drift off to sleep.

Woman sleeping while wearing the Kokoon Noisebuds.

Body-monitoring sensors and technology help understand your sleep, while personalized coaching through the MyKokoon app provides advice that is specific to you, based on your sleep habits and quality.

Kokoon NoiseBuds

At under 6mm thin, which is over three times thinner than an average earbud, Nightbuds are designed to be comfortable while being worn all night.

MyKokoon app

Use the MyKokoon app to review your sleep insights and customize the relaxation audio experience. Developed with sleep scientists, the MyKokoon app works with both the Nightbuds and Relax Headphones.