LG Tone Free true wireless earbuds

LG’s New Tone Free Earbuds Line Includes the ‘World’s First’ to Support Dolby Head Tracking

LG Electronics has expanded its Tone Free line of true wireless earbuds to include three new models, including the flagship Tone Free T90 earbuds, dubbed the “world’s first” Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking.

The LG Tone Free T90 wireless earbuds include a new internal structure with larger drivers to generate deeper, more satisfying bass. They are made using graphene material, which helps reduce vibrations while boosting audio quality, says LG. Immersive audio is further achieved through a partnership with Meridian Audio along with a built-in equalizer.

But the feature that really sets these apart is that LG’s declares them to be the “world’s first” Dolby Atmos wireless earbuds to support Dolby Head Tracking across favourite content devices. Dolby Head Tracking works by recalibrating the sound as you move your head, resulting in a more natural sounding experience. The idea is to feel like you are centre stage, experiencing audio in a more immersive way, including music as well as movies, TV shows, and video games.

LG Tone Free T90 true wireless earbuds

The T90s are the first wireless earbuds to feature an audio virtualizer designed by Dolby specifically for earbuds, which expands spatial dimensionality for stereo entertainment.

LG’s new Tone Free models also ship with the UVnano charging case, which uses UV-C light to help refresh the earbuds. It effectively kills 99.9% bacteria on the ear gels of the earbuds in just 10 minutes during the powered charging cycle. Additionally, the T90s adopt medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels to provide a comfortable fit and help prevent irritation. 

LG Tone Free T90 true wireless earbuds in case

With the T90’s new Plug & Wireless feature, the charging case doubles as a Bluetooth  transmitter, enhanced with a new voice chat function that’s ideal for conference calls and gaming. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, you can also plug the case into a radio, treadmill, in-flight entertainment system, or other products.

Courtesy of Voice Pickup unit, the premium T90s also provide an improved voice calling experience. The Voice Pickup Unit detects and minimizes ambient noises when you are speaking, making it easier for whomever is on the other end to hear what you are saying.

The Tone Free T90 offers up to nine hours of use on a single charge while the case itself can provide a further 18, for up to 27 hours.

LG Tone Free Fit TF8 true wireless earbuds

Also new to the Tone line are the Tone Free Fit (TF8) wireless earbuds, which are, as the name implies, designed for active individuals. They provide a secure fit for wear while doing rigorous activities like running or training at the gym. This is thanks to SwivelGrip technology, which helps keep the earbuds firmly and comfortably in place, even during intense workouts. The lightweight design, meanwhile, promotes better air circulation.

The new Tone Free Fit (TF8) model features active noise cancellation (ANC) as well along with clear spatial sound with Meridian HSP technology. They feature medical-grade, hypoallergenic ear gels and LG’s UVnano charging case. IPX7 rated, the TF8 is resistant to rain and splashes to so you can go running or working out without worries.

The Tone Free Fit has a battery life of up to 10 hours (or up to total 30 hours with the charging case). When at the gym, the TF8 earbuds can connect to Bluetooth-less treadmills by using LG’s innovative Plug & Wireless solution.

LG’s 2022 Tone Free true wireless earbuds will be rolled out in the U.S. starting in September 2022. There’s no word yet on Canadian availability.