LinearFlux, By Former Beats By Dr. Dre Designers, Engineers, Is Launching New Mobile Accessories

LinearFlux is launching its own line of mobile accessories, including portable charging products and earbuds to start. Based in San Francisco, LinearFlux launched in 2014 by David Leung and Einstein Galang, who together led the development team behind the Beats by Dr. Dre headphone brand. 

Leung and Galang are educated in engineering, and previously worked in engineering and design at Monster Products. 

“We established LinearFlux to build badass mobile accessories that would exceed any consumers’ daily lifestyle needs and expectations,” says Leung, referencing the company’s LithiumCard as its first “truly disruptive” product, a thin and portable HyperCharger for mobile devices that offered fast charging speeds, good efficiency, and attractive design.

LinearFlux offers its portable products in two distinct lines: HyperChargers for power and HyperSonic for audio. 

New in the HyperCharger line, which incorporates the company’s proprietary HyperCharge technology circuitry (which won 2018 and 2019 CES Innovation Awards) is the HyperCharger MAX: 100-Watt Ultimate Portable Power. It offers 20,800 mAh capacity and functions as a 3-in-1 USB-C portable charger. Finished in premium metal, it is lightweight and can charge any USB device, including laptops up to 1.5 times, tablets up to three times, and smartphones up to six times, using HyperCharge technology. 

To charge Apple devices, you can also get the LinearFlux Apple MFi-approved USB-C-to-Lightning cable, which is sold separately. LinearFlux says with that cable, it’s new HyperCharger MAX can recharge and iPhone 8 and up from zero to 50% in “the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.” (That, of course, is up for interpretation bases on if you’re sipper or a gulper. But you get the gist – it’s fast.)

The MAX itself recharges using the included 30W PD USB-C high-power wall charger and can fully charge back up in under three hours. It has one 100-watt USB-C input/output for charging USB-C devices along with a pair of USB-A outputs and a microUSB input. The fuel gauge advises how much capacity is left at all times, and the LED turns green when it’s HyperCharging a connected device.

 The HyperCharger MAX is available in the U.S. for an MSRP of US$80. 

On the audio end in the HyperSonic line is the True Wireless: 3D HyperDefinition earbuds (MSRP US$100), which come in acid green or stealth black and offer Bluetooth 5.0 technology along with the DL01 Immersive Sound Engine that the company says enhances music clarity so you “feel the detail, dynamics, powerful bass and emotion” from music. 

They come with three different sizes of pillow-soft ear-tips that block external noise and ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Sweat-proof and IPX7 water-resistant, you can wear them while commuting, outdoors, or working out. The form-fitting sport ear-hooks keeps them from falling out of yours ear while minimizing ear fatigue for all-day comfort.

A built-in multi-beam microphone offers optimal sound intelligibility during phone calls, says LinearFlux, and they come with a Qi-compatible wireless charging case (also USB-C wired charging compatible). 

You’ll get from 6-8 hours playtime per charge, and 20+ hours with the charging case. Five minutes of HyperCharging in the charging case provides an additional hour of playtime.

For US$80, LinearFlux is also offering the HyperSonic Lite True Wireless HyperDefinition earbuds, which are also water-resistant and contain a pared down feature set. They offer the same HD speakers, the DL02 Immersive Sound engine, and IPX6 water-resistant. They, too, come with a Qi wireless charging case and USB-A to USB-C charging cable. Get 6-8 hours of play time per charge or 18+ with the case. These come in the same two colour options as well.