Linxura Smart Controller is For Controlling All Your Devices

Linxura has released its new Smart Controller that is designed to be a one-stop spot to control all your compatible smartphone devices via the click of a button.

The compact controller eliminates the need to scroll through multiple apps, or even have to call up an app on your phone at all. You can configure up to 52 smart home devices into the device so they can all be controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. The controller can come with you and be used around the house, or leave it mounted somewhere in the home, like on the wall in the hallway or by the bedroom door.


The smart controller works alongside the Linxura mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Unlike traditional apps, the Linxura app features an e-paper screen that displays up to four connected devices at a time so you can control them all. You can also customize actions to do things like click once to turn a device on and twice to turn it off or click and hold the wheel to adjust things like brightness, temperature, volume, channel, and more.

Linxura mount

Set up custom one-button presses to control multiple devices at once, or fully automate scenes to occur on your preferred schedule.

The unit runs on a battery that lasts for up to three months per charge. If you misplace it, use the “Find My Controller” feature on the Linxura app to locate it.


The Linxura Smart Controller comes in Snow Pearl, Midnight Onyx, and Sterling Moon and retails for US$100. The wall mount is sold separately.