Phones need to be opened delicately with proper tools and replacement parts to ensure optimal operation. Mobile Klinik
Phones need to be opened delicately with proper tools and replacement parts to ensure optimal operation. Mobile Klinik

Mobile Klinik Opens 100th Store

Mobile Klinik has opened its 100th store in Canada, located at the Pickering Town Centre in Pickering, ON, about a half-hour east of downtown Toronto.

The professional smartphone and tablet repair shop also sells certified pre-owned mobile devices. In celebration of the milestone store opening, any customer across Canada who purchase a certified pre-owned phone and activate one of the select mobility plans in store will receive an up to $250 savings. Also, through to the end of 2021, Pickering Town Centre will be offering a 20% discount on mobile repairs, accessories, and certified pre-owned mobile devices.

Phone repairperson at Mobile Klinik.
Mobile Klinik operates repair centres across Canada, with fully trained and bonded staff doing repairs right in front of customers.

“We are proud to achieve the milestone of opening our 100th location, bringing more Canadians access to high-quality, affordable repairs, the broadest range of phone accessories and today’s latest leading device brands including Samsung, Apple, and Google, as well as Canada’s widest selection of premium certified pre-owned phones,” says Tim McGuire, CEO of Mobile Klinik. “Our Mobile Klinik team is committed to continued growth and meeting Canadians’ needs with flexible and affordable options to buy, sell, repair, and connect their wireless devices from coast-to-coast, regardless of where they made their purchase or their wireless provider, with options that are better for both the planet and our customers’ wallets.” 

A recent Angus Reid Institute survey conducted by Mobile Klinik found that 41% of Canadians would consider purchasing a pre-owned phone, citing cost and environmental benefits as leading motivators. Further, the majority of Canadians consider their mobile phone to be their most expensive personal item and are willing to repair rather than replace it, with nearly half of those respondents having repaired their device before.

At Mobile Klinik stores, customers can choose from a variety of premium certified pre-owned devices, backed by a one-year warranty, along with rate plans from leading wireless carriers, with special sustainability discounts for those who extend the life of their devices by repairing or replacing it versus buying new. Additionally, Mobile Klinik buys used devices from most makes and models and will safely transfer the seller’s data to a new device or USB before properly wiping the old one. At the heart of its business, however, are repairs performed by certified expert technicians and using premium-quality parts. Most repairs can be completed in under an hour and the most common repairs include cracked screens, broken cameras, software updates, and battery replacements.

Earlier this year Mobile Klinik launched its Onsite Repair Units, a van service offering professional smartphone and tablet repair at the location of your choice. The Onsite Repair Units are now available to residents and businesses in more than 100 communities nationwide.

Founded in 2015, Mobile Klinik now has 100 retail locations and 500 team members across Canada.