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MyFitnessPal Launches New Customizable Dashboard

The popular global nutrition and food tracking app MyFitnessPal has launched a new customizable dashboard members can use to personalize tracking with easier goal setting and nutrient-specific options.

Shifting away from just calorie counting, the app now allows members to add and highlight two custom goals. You can also view specific dietary metrics by tapping the “edit” button in the top, right of the dashboard screen. The 16 nutrient goal card options include carbohydrate, fat, potassium, protein, monosaturated fat, saturated fat, and trans fat.

MyFitnessPal goal card

“MyFitnessPal continuously aims to empower individuals to take control of their nutrition, and to be a daily companion in their health and wellness journey,” says Tricia Han, CEO of MyFitnessPal. “Our members told us that they wanted to be able to easily edit goals and customize the dashboard. With our newest feature, members will be able to track the factors of nutrition that have the biggest impact on their personal goals and what will ultimately help them succeed.”    

In addition to comprehensive tracking and data-led insights, there’s also expert guidance and community support through the app. The idea is to provide members with a deeper understanding of the nutrients required to make healthier food choices, further supporting those at-risk for diet related illnesses.

MyFitnessPal edit goals

“Equipping members with the tools and knowledge to make more informed and personalized decisions is a key goal for MyFitnessPal,” adds Chief Marketing Officer, Katie Keil.” Continuing to innovate and personalize tracking options sets our members up for success and offers them a path forward to pursue healthier lifestyles.”     

Download MyFitnessPal for free via App Store and Google Play. These features, however, are part of a Premium subscription which is $28/mo. or $115/yr. in Canada.