Naim Audio New Classic

Naim Audio Unveils New Classic Range at CES 2023

Naim Audio is revealing its new Classic range of speakers at CES 2023, including the new NSC 222 streaming pre-amplifier, a new iteration of the NAP 250 power amplifier; along with the NPX 300 power supply upgrade.

Designed and engineered by specialists in England, the New Classic range is handcrafted and can be integrated in different ways with existing Naim models.

Naim Audio NSC 222

The NSC 222 streaming pre-amplifier allows for streaming tunes from services like Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, Apple Music, internet radio stations, and more, with support for bitrates up to 32bit/284kHz. With an integrated MM phono stage, headphone fan, and the latest headphone technology, there are lots of ways to listen.

It comes with a 5.5-inch full-colour screen and can be controlled using the Focal & Naim app, the smart Zigbee remote-control handset (no line of sight required) or via the unit itself via the illuminated volume control.

Set for availability in January, the Naim Audio NSC 222 will be available in Canada for $11,999.

Naim Audio NAP 250 and NPX 300

To drive the speakers and music, the NSC 222 can be paired with the NAP 250 power amplifier (January, $11,999), with a sixth-generation model that delivers more power, better performance, and greater system-matching flexibility, says Naim Audio.

The new NAP 250 is a 100W per channel dual-model design with full power regulation. The heatsink reacts as the volume increases, keeping things cool. Other enhancements include the addition of true balanced XLR connections, plus a range of trickle-down technology from Naim’s flagship Statement amplifier, including an eddy-current circuit breaker between the speaker outputs.

Naim Audio New Classic

Finally, there’s the NPX 300 power supply (January, $11,999), an upgrade for the NSC 222 that disables the internal power supply, immediately reducing the noise floor and providing cleaner power.